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Social Media Mission Statement 

BHE’s social media mission is to represent Christ and REAL marriage in a brief, godly, and inspiring way on each of BHE’s social media sites.

My purpose for using social media is to build better relationships with my followers/subscribers, create bite-sized encouraging content, increase visibility for the blog, and promote other like-minded bloggers/resources/ministries.

Connect with the BHE community

via Twitter @Becoming His Eve 

  • Eve’s Garden of Tweets -(#evesgarden) encouragement for a woman’s soul
  • #loveurhoney offers marriage, love, and romance tips
  • #wordofwisdom offers faith or godly marriage advice
  • #talk2us interact with us via the BHE Twitter & give us your feedback, answer a question, or share a prayer/praise/thought
  • #dateurspouse offers date night ideas and tips for you and your spouse.
  • #godlysex offers links to great God-glorifying married sex advice and related questions from other blogs, Tweeters, or my own blog.
  • A #goodclick is a link to another blogger’s post or website that I’d highly recommend reading.
  • Updates, announcements, and other general info included under the tag #adamseve

via Facebook – BecomingHisEve

  • updates for the BHE community and recent posts
  • reader questions
  • inspirational quotes
  • promotional content for other related blogs and resources
  • weekly wrap-up on Saturdays

via Pinterest – redeemedeve

  • Adam’s Eve – posts from my blog
  • Date Your Spouse – date night ideas
  • Love Your Honey – romance ideas and tips for loving your spouse
  • Sex and Intimacy – godly look at sex and intimacy in marriage
  • Dating and Engagement – for those who aren’t married yet
  • Eve’s Garden of Encouragement – encouragement for a woman’s soul
  • Gifts for Her and Gifts for Him – gift ideas for your spouse
  • Marital Communication – communication tips and techniques for your marriage
  • Writing Tips & Tricks – are you a blogger too? share the resources I’ve used to help build and create the BHE blog.

Social Media Policy

As with the blog, my response time varies. I try to respond quickly, but this isn’t always possible. I will do my best to respond within 2-3 weeks. Please grant me grace.

BHE social media sites are designed to encourage, connect, share, celebrate, and support healthy, godly marriages and healthy, godly womanhood. Please know that I do not automatically endorse or agree with all the articles or pages I link to on any of these sites (and will explicitly state if I do otherwise).  I understand not everyone will agree with absolutely everything I share, but I ask all my readers to be respectful, kind, and encouraging in their comments, including dissenting opinions. If you cannot say anything respectfully, please refrain from commenting. Blatant personal attacks of myself, my husband, my marriage, and my readers will not be tolerated.

Social Media Profiles

500+ people following. Connect and interact with like-minded women who are seeking authentic faith-based marriage-positive community.

A faith-based community for women to connect, share, and grow together in love and life.

Follow with 300+ more people to get ideas for date night, sex & intimacy, love & romance, celebrations, communication, gifts, and much more.


“A place for those who support & encourage strong marriages” -connect with other marriage bloggers.









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