For Men

For Men


This community is specifically designed for women. While I have no doubt that the Lord can use you to minister to, encourage, and advise the women in the BHE community, comments will be moderated.

Comments from men may be under review for publishing if you…

  1. Are a married man who has a success story to share about his own marriage
  2. Have a specific insight or encouragement to my readers or a specific response to a post that you feel will edify and uplift female readers
  3. A specific question you may have that relates to the content on this site for the purposes of better understanding women, growing in your relationship with God, and pursuing a Biblical marriage

Any other content, regardless of the reason, will not be published.

Please don’t send me emails/comments if you are a man whose wife has been refusing him sex or having sex less frequently than desired. These kinds of comments will never be published. This blog is not designed for you nor is the BHE community a place for you to vent about your situation. Please refrain from commenting if this description fits you.


I belong to a wonderful blogging group called the Christian Marriage Bloggers Association. This group includes male bloggers writing and teaching other men how to be godly husbands, leaders, fathers, and followers of God. I graciously point you to their sites:

1. Be Strong Act Like Men
pursuing an Ephesians 5 marriage

2. Becoming a Better Man
life lessons from a formerly abusive husband

3. Cracking the Marriage Code
equipping husbands to better understand and communicate with their wives

4. The Generous Husband
exhibiting generosity in a marriage from the male perspective

5. The Respected Husband
thoughts on love and respect from the male perspective

6. Sensuous Happy Husband
fully exploring passion within the confines of monogamous marriage from the male perspective

And there are others you can view here:

I hope this encourages you that there are men out there writing for men about marriage, love, and sex from a godly perspective.

My purpose on BHE:

I am not writing BHE for men. This community is intended to be for women by women. I do occasionally have a word for men, and I do believe men can benefit from the general principles of my writing, but it is not my goal to instruct or encourage husbands out there. If men can benefit from my writing, to God be the glory, but this is not my blog’s purpose. The job of teaching men how to be godly men is the job of pastors, male spiritual leaders, and other husbands/men out there.  It is not my responsibility to make sure that these men are doing their jobs, nor do I wish to exhort them from my blog or social media platforms. I am only accountable for myself.

My goal is to teach and encourage wives to be the best wives and followers of God they can be, and to encourage soon-to-be-married women to start their marriage strong. This is my passion. This is the ministry God has given me.

A Word to Men,

This community is specifically designed for women of all ages, backgrounds, and relationship statuses. While I do not doubt that the Lord can uniquely use you to minister to these women in this community, comments by you men will be monitored.

Please don’t let this keep you from interacting with the BHE community. You can follow me on my social media sites. Feel free to use the Email Me option for your questions, comments, or concerns.

One of the best things you can do for us is to pray. Pray that the Lord will use me as a vessel to get His words out there, not mine. Pray that we would grow as a community of love and grace. Pray for protection of our Warrior God and King as I go through the relaunching process as the Devil doesn’t want us to succeed. Pray that this BHE community will be a place of healing and joy.

Please click here to see the special note to men regarding comments/email guidelines.

A Word to Ladies, 

Please don’t use this page or the following resources as a way to guilt-trip your husband or change him. That is not what these resources are for.

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