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How to Contact Me: Please email me directly:

About Email: Anything you send me via email is completely confidential and will never be published on my website, in email, or anywhere else unless you give me explicit permission in your email. Anything you send me that I would potentially publish on my blog would be published strictly anonymously and in a general manner (i.e. Reader Questions).

Outside Contact: In the efforts of full disclosure, at times, I may direct you to other Christian marriage or godly womanhood blogs, websites, or content and/or I may consult with a godly mentor, teacher, counselor, or pastor to better understand your questions, concerns, and/or comments. Most times, especially on delicate subjects, I will try my hardest to ask your permission before outside consultation (and you will remain anonymous), but there are extenuating circumstances that may prevent this. This will be up to my discretion. I will do my best to respect your privacy.

Guidelines: I always love hearing from my readers but… 

  • No inappropriate content, including, but not limited to anything racist or derogatory, sexist, lewd or crude, sexually explicit or anything that strongly advocates or promotes an un-Biblical action or deliberately ungodly lifestyle.
  • No SPAM or link-dropping.
  • No requesting my support or endorsement of your website, program, company, organization, or cause without a link to a legitimate website, and detailed information about your website, program, company, organization, or cause.
  • No content that is deliberately hostile in nature, rude, inconsiderate, spiteful or hateful
  • No content that passes judgement or makes assumptions or that is a blatant personal attack of myself, my husband, my marriage, or my readers.

I am not a medical expert or a counseling professional. Please seek outside counsel if you and/or your spouse/significant other fall into one of these categories (This list is not all inclusive):

  • are struggling with a sexual or substance abuse addiction
  • are a victim of abuse, rape, or other types of violence
  • you or your spouse has committed infidelity
  • you are or have struggled with abusing others
  • have a health issue that is interrupting your sexual intimacy (i.e. experiencing pain during intercourse)
  • you or your spouse is a sexual refuser

See comments/emails from men policy.

I maintain the right to dismiss an email that I cannot answer, don’t feel comfortable answering, or one that doesn’t follow appropriate guidelines. 

Response Time: 

I try to answer all my email comments personally. This does take time and real life often seeps in and interrupts me. I will do my best to answer your blog and email questions/comments/concerns in a timely manner (2-3 weeks). Unfortunately, within 3-5 days isn’t always reasonable since I get a large amount of responses.

  • If you have a response to a particular post, please comment on that specific post. I will respond faster on the blog than via email. You may always leave an anonymous comment if your response is of a sensitive nature.
  • If you would like me to endorse or promote a particular product, you are welcome to send me an email, but please know this isn’t something I do at this time and please don’t expect an immediate response via email. I honestly will only consider reviewing books and websites at this time (not products). I will not respond to a comment of this nature and will delete it.
  • If you are leaving a specific brief encouragement, please consider leaving this as a comment on my Meet Me page. I tend to respond to questions, concerns, and prayer requests more quickly than encouragement. Thank you if you take the time to shoot me an email of encouragement.

I pray over every question before answering to make sure I am specific, Spirit-minded, and sensitive in my replies. Sometimes I will consult other people. This does take time. I will try my best to let you know if I need longer to answer in the best and most appropriate way. I ask for your patience.

If you feel your questions aren’t answered quickly or specifically enough, I apologize. Please feel free to send me a follow-up email.

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