Thirty Dates in November Challenge


This year’s theme is: Strategic Work and Strategic Rest.

This year’s theme passage is: Ecclesiastes 3:1-14

Each date (day) of the month is an opportunity to grow in your love for the Lord and your husband. My goal is to provide:

  • do-able daily projects for busy wives
  • a springboard for creatively and purposefully loving your man
  • daily Bible passage
  • extra encouraging content and additional resources via a private forum

Each day on the forums, there will be a new thread for participation corresponding to the day.

These threads will include…

  • additional content related to the blog post of the day
  • an opportunity to share something we are grateful for
  • discussion questions
  • the daily challenge

I highly encourage you to pray and read/meditate on the Bible verse of the day. Don’t feel that you need to read or do all the additional content. The purpose is to intentionally do something every single day to bless your husband.

How do I sign-up? 

Challenge projects will be available via private forum discussion only this year. Make your commitment official. To sign-up, visit the forums page – Only registered and approved members will be able to see the boards.

You will need to create an account. This board is entirely secure and private, meaning no one will see any of your personal information. You must enter a valid email, create a display name (and you may use a pseudonym), list your date-of-birth, and select your gender. (Again, no one sees this personal information, except you!)

Click here for step-by-step instructions.

Why a private forum board? 

Last year, I did the challenge via Facebook, but this limited us to people who had Facebook accounts. I’ve previously done mass emails and then straight-up put the challenge on the blog.

This year, I want to make it comfortable, convenient, and safe for you to receive challenge content and participate in discussions, and anonymously if you wish, to allow for more open, honest discussion. This will also allow you to work and participate at your own pace, and if you get behind. Also, I don’t have to resend challenge content. It will already be posted.

Two important things to mention:

  • All the same rules apply on the forums as they do on the BHE blog and social media sites. There will be a thread devoted to proper etiquette on the forums. Just because it’s anonymous doesn’t give anyone the right to act inappropriately or post inappropriate content. The purpose of the forums is to edify, uplift, and encourage our fellow sisters.
  • This challenge is only open to women. You are on the honor system in the forums, but please, don’t sign-up if you’re a man, even if you’re curious or want to encourage us ladies. You can do that here openly (and still anonymously) on the blog.

What Can I Do in the Meantime?

  1. Sign-up for an account on the forums. Instructions above. Discussions will take place starting October 15th. You’re welcome to peruse, participate, and create a profile.
  2. Pray and read through the challenge theme passage. 
  3. Find an accountability partner. This year, we can keep each other accountable on the Facebook group page. However, I’d highly encourage you to still ask a close godly female friend to pray with you throughout the challenge. Encourage your partner to check in with you regularly. Ask her to send you friendly email reminders or texts or to call you with words of encouragement. If you both decide to do the challenge together, keep each other accountable. Keep details confidential, encourage one another, brainstorm together, and ask for help or motivation when you need it.
  4. Keep a journal. Write down your thoughts about the project, ideas or inspiration, motivational or encouraging Bible verses to help you keep going, your accountability partner’s name and contact info, etc.
  5. Hush! Hush! Keep the project a secret from your spouse!  If he doesn’t know, you can more easily surprise and delight him! If your husband does find out about it, that’s okay. Just don’t divulge any of the details about the daily projects if you can help it.
  6. Plan ahead. Start thinking now about what your schedule looks like in the month of November. Jot down a few ideas now for how you’ll tackle your busy days or if you fall behind.
  7. Check for updates. Visit this blog often for updates, encouragement, and new resources.
  8. Spread the word. Please let your family, friends, and followers know about this challenge via social media and your blog. You can also follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and/or Pinterest if you aren’t already for updates on the project. You can use the following buttons:

Here’s to purposefully loving your husband for 30 days!


  1. Christina mathewd

    Sign me up

  2. Debbie-Sue Felton

    Don’t see where to sign up for 30 Dates in November 2014. Can’t find the email address either. Please, include me in 30 Dates in November 2014. Debbie-Sue Felton

  3. World_runner

    A wise Christian friend once told me that the Proverbs 31 women did not do it all she managed it all. Sage advice for the modern day woman. I am so looking forward to the 30 dates in November challenge. I struggle to carve out special time for just me and my hubby in between work, kids, etc. You know…. :). I need some new ideas that donor involve the standard babysitter and dinner out. And I want to surprise him which will always stretch me out of my comfort zone simply because of my personality.


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