5th Annual 30 Dates in November Challenge


I am pleased to announce the 5th annual 30 Dates in November Challenge! Are you ready?

This year’s theme is: Strategic Work and Strategic Rest.

This year’s theme passage is: Ecclesiastes 3:1-14

Each date (day) of the month is an opportunity to grow in your love for the Lord and your husband. My goal is to provide:

  • do-able daily projects for busy wives
  • a springboard for creatively and purposefully loving your man
  • daily Bible passage
  • extra encouraging content and additional resources via a private forum

Each day on the forums, there will be a new thread for participation corresponding to the day.

These threads will include…

  • additional content related to the blog post of the day
  • an opportunity to share something we are grateful for
  • discussion questions
  • the daily challenge

I highly encourage you to pray and read/meditate on the Bible verse of the day. Don’t feel that you need to read or do all the additional content. The purpose is to intentionally do something every single day to bless your husband.

Challenge projects will be available via private forum discussion only this year.

Only registered and approved members will be able to see the boards.

Last year, I did the challenge via Facebook, but this limited us to people who had Facebook accounts. I’ve previously done mass emails and then straight-up put the challenge on the blog.

This year, I want to make it comfortable, convenient, and safe for you to receive challenge content and participate in discussions, and anonymously if you wish, to allow for more open, honest discussion. This will also allow you to work and participate at your own pace. Also, I don’t have to resend challenge content. It will already be posted.

Make your commitment official.

Click here to read more and to sign-up.

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