On Dissent

Earlier this week I shared an article over on BHE’s Facebook feed from the Huffington Post written by a secular author. The sharing of this article generated a bit of heat both on my Facebook and my email. I feel I can better address comments and concerns on the blog rather than social media.

I have three points I’d like to make before discussing the benefits and disadvantages of utilizing secular tools, using discernment, and addressing the points the author makes in the article.

  • First of all, I want to say thank you to everyone who engaged in conversation with me. I don’t want to shy away from having a respectful, intelligent discussion, even with dissenting opinions. I do not expect everyone to agree with me, or with the author’s viewpoints. I, myself, do not agree with every point the author shared.
  • Secondly, I want to reemphasize my last point there by saying that the articles and content I share and link to are not a direct endorsement. I share articles and links as a tool to be utilized by you to get you thinking, to start a conversation with your spouse, to encourage respectful dialogue among blog readers, and to promote growth.
  • Finally, I want to add that while I am okay with dissenting opinions, I will not tolerate blatant personal attacks of myself, my husband, my marriage, the blog, or any of my other readers. If you disagree with someone and cannot say anything respectful and edifying, please refrain from sharing these comments. I wholeheartedly want to encourage dialogue, but I want to emphasize personal attacks, passing judgment and assumptions, rude or unkind comments, or name-calling are uncalled for, unjust, and simply will not be permitted on the blog, my social media sites, or my email. If you have any further questions, please refer to my policies, email policies, and social media policies.

Upcoming Posts 

  • Benefits and Disadvantages of Utilizing Secular Tools,
  • Utilizing Discernment with Secular Tools
  • I will address specific points from the article I shared regarding intimacy issues and possible solutions through a Biblical perspective.


  1. Mrs. T

    Hannah, I think your post was fine. It gave seven great places to start when looking into bettering your relationship with your spouse. You don’t even necessarily need to be in a “sexless” marriage to use these as conversation starters to get spiritually and emotionally closer to each other. Sex is a gift from GOD inside of marriage and caring about the other person (even ‘just’ physically) is part of becoming one flesh. Just because the world hijacked sex and it is viewed by some with a skewed vision, doesn’t mean we as Christ’s followers should let it affect our great gift. It was ours first. Everyone has an opinion, you take the good and leave the bad. I see your point in posting the article, definitely more good than bad. Blessings on your ministry.

    • Thank you, Mrs. T for your kind words. I agree with you wholeheartedly. We, as Christians, need to reclaim our sexuality and sexual intimacy in marriage. I can’t remember where I read this, but I came across something the other day that I felt was so helpful – we, as women, need to take back the power the devil has taken from us sexually and let go of our guilt, shame, and pain, and embrace who God has created us to be in intimate connection with our husbands. I love that because the devil really does like to get a foothold there, to undermine us, to make us feel less than who we are, and he does this through multiple types of attacks, including through other well-intentioned but misguided believers. We don’t expect an enemy attack from within the camp, but sometimes this is the most brutal of attacks. I’m actually glad this happened because a lot of good has come from the good and bad dissent/dialogue. God has taken something meant to hurt or undermine my ministry and turned it into something good, and I do appreciate your words of encouragement.

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