Pucker Up!

Pucker Up

Did you know today is Lips Appreciation Day?

Mmm… sounds like my kind-of holiday.

Stop whatever you’re doing right now and text this to your spouse:

I like your lips! ;o) 

Try one of these flirty messages (I googled ‘kissing quotes’ and these are some of my favorites):

  • Kissing burns 6.4 calories a minute. Wanna workout? (I’m thinking that maybe I might amp up the calories burned if kissing turns into a passionate makeout session.)
  • I seriously wouldn’t mind if you just grabbed my face and kissed me. That’d be great.
  • I hope you kiss me really hard when you see me.
  • Can I borrow a kiss? I promise I’ll give it back.
  • If kisses were snowflakes, I’d send you a blizzard.
  • I believe in kissing… a lot!

Why Kissing is Good For You* 

  • Kissing lowers your blood pressure. (I’m happy to oblige my husband in this department.) 
  • Kissing helps eliminate headaches and cramps. (Ladies, zero in on this one! For me, kissing + sex is a great way to get rid of the ‘I have a headache’ excuse because of the endorphins released. Speaking of endorphins… 
  • Kissing (and lovemaking) releases ‘happy hormones’ – serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin. (Everyone wants to feel happy!) 
  • Kissing fights cavities. (And makes you want to smile and share those pearly-whites.) 
  • Kissing boosts self-esteem. (Who doesn’t want to be kissed by a man who loves you and what wonders that does to your confidence!)
  • Kissing burns a decent amount of calories. (I can’t think of a more pleasurable workout.) 
  • Kissing boosts your immunity. (Strengthening the body’s defenses with a little lip love sounds like a great idea!) 
  • Kissing reduces stress and helps naturally relax you. (Yes! I need more of this!)

Kissing Tips 

  • Talk about it. Tell your spouse what you like and don’t like. Tell him/her when and where you like kissed. Talk about your most memorable kisses and reenact some of those if you can.
  • Be creative. Explore and experiment with kisses and different places on the body. See more below.
  • Leave your lover wanting more. Make your kisses memorable.
  • Start slow and sweet and work it up. Dragging the kissing experience out will make the magic last longer.
  • Avoid being too aggressive. Nothing wrong with passion, but be sensitive to your partner.
  • Pull your spouse close to you. A quick peck is passionless. Pull him/her into your arms, squeeze them firmly, move your hands over the body or run them through his/her hair, and build the passion.

Explore and Experiment 

Lips aren’t the only body part that want in on the kissing action.

Try kissing…

  • the top of the head
  • the forehead
  • the eyelids
  • the ears
  • the nose
  • the cheeks
  • the neck
  • the shoulders
  • down the arms
  • the hands
  • the breasts/chest
  • the abdomen
  • the erogenous zones
  • the inner thighs
  • the legs
  • the tops of feet

Figure out where you like kisses, and spend extra time focusing on those parts.

Or try one of my favorite ideas – progressive kissing. It’s like a progressive dinner where you eat the appetizers, the soup and salad, the main course, and the dessert at different restaurants.

  1. Pick memorable spots from your hometown or places you both enjoy. Drive around town. Get out of your car. Wrap your spouse in your arms and kiss for at least a few minutes at each location.
  2. Can’t leave the house? Start kissing in the car in the driveway/garage, move to the kitchen, the living room couch, the laundry room atop the washer and dryer, down the hallway/stairs, on the bed, and finish in the shower/bathtub. Rearrange in any order you like.

Last minute advice?

A weekly make-out session is an absolute minimum suggestion for marriage, I believe, regardless of how long you’ve been married, and especially the longer we’ve been married. Kissing just for the sake of kissing and enjoying each other’s lips. Of course, if a steamy kiss leads to something-something if you know what I mean… enjoy!

In honor of this lovely holiday, celebrate kissing your spouse today! 

Share With Us: Did I miss any kisses? Tell us your favorite type of kiss with your husband, or give us a flirty lip-locking text idea.

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*Thanks to CNN Health, Mercola Health, Reader’s Digest Health, and WebMD for the kissing facts. 

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