5 Reasons Why I Struggle with Consistency… and Why That’s Okay

2-27 Why I Struggle with Consistency

The first rule of social media? Consistency.

The first rule of blogging? Consistency.

My reality? Inconsistent.

Do I want to be consistent? Absolutely.

Is that a reality in my life? No.

5 Reasons I Struggle with Inconsistency… and Why That’s Okay

1. I have a life.

Correction: I have a [full] life. I’m a full-time housewife. I’m a full time lover to an awesome husband. I’m a full-time graduate student. I’m a full-time writer. I’m a full-time blogger. I’m a full-time [sister, daughter, daughter-in-law, friend, woman of faith, insert-whatever-else-here.]

Someone once told me “busyness is a lazy man’s excuse not to get anything done.” I’d argue that busyness makes me more productive in many areas, and makes me neglect other areas completely. I’d argue that my life is very full right now, but that doesn’t mean I’m lazy. It just means I have a life.

I’m pretty sure the Bible doesn’t say that I’m to bend over backwards and accomplish absolutely everything. Thanks God.

Why am I inconsistent? We live in a culture that glorifies “busy.” I’m choosing to slow down and realistically focus on a few aspects of my life at a time. 

2. I’m a creative.

I could just say “respect my creative process” and leave it at that, but I will invite you into my creative process instead. You’ve been warned. Welcome aboard!

  • I get some of my best ideas in the shower.
  • I get some of the best inspiration at 2 A.M.
  • Mid-day is the best time for me to work on analytical writing.
  • Mid-afternoon is the best time for me to work on blogging.
  • Mid-evening/overnight is the best time for me to work on creative writing.
    • If I followed this schedule, I’d never sleep/eat/use-the-restroom/see-my-husband/see-my-friends/see-the-light-of-day-ever! This is why I “go with the flow.”
  • Some days I can split my schedule in two – work on one thing in the morning and work on another thing in the afternoon.
  • Some days I completely work on homework, other days I completely focus on blogging, and still other days I write creatively. And sometimes these days turn into several days or even weeks.
  • I always carry a notebook with me.
  • I have OneNote on every technological device so I can immediately access notes anytime anywhere.
  • I have sticky notes completely covering my wall behind my desktop with random lines of dialogue, inspiration, blogging themes, story/chapter/blog post titles, bits of outlines, off-the-wall ideas, character names, to-do lists, to-buy lists, to-remember lists, date ideas, and the list goes on.
  • If I pull out my phone in the middle of a conversation or my notebook, I’m not ignoring you – I swear. I just don’t want to forget the bit-of-awesomeness I was just struck with, and I totally respect you and your time, and I want to devote my full attention to you so give me just 30 seconds to jot this down.
  • I sometimes forget to stop to eat, sleep, shower… (I know, yuck!)… exercise, get out of the house, etc.
  • If I seem to want to cut a conversation short, I’m probably doing something or thinking of something creative and I really don’t want to be rude and tune you out so can we talk later? You may need to remind me later two, three, or four times, but I promise I’ll get to you. I promise. Hold me to that. Please?

Why am I inconsistent? My creative process is chaotic at best, a total time-sucking tornado at worst. Don’t ask me to change. Just accept me as is flaws and all. 

3) I have a love-hate relationship with schedules.

  • I love ‘em because they keep me on track.
  • I hate ‘em because they stress me out, overwhelm me, and seem like a ridiculous stretch sometimes.
  • Some weeks it’s easy to get a post out on Wednesday, a tweet out every day, and a Facebook message mid-week.
  • Some weeks it’s next to impossible.
  • I try to post weekly on the blog, daily on Twitter, daily-ish on Facebook, etcetera. The emphasis is on try.
  • Sometimes I’ll publish a post like this on Saturday instead of Wednesday.
  • Sometimes I’ll skip a week and forget to tell you. Or two. It’s not because I’ve totally forgotten the blog, the social media sites, our friendship, my commitments, etc.

Why am I inconsistent? My schedule is out-of-sorts and I need time to reconfigure it.

4) I want to give you quality content.

Honest to God, this is truth.

  • Sometimes my best quality content comes out under pressure (like this post, for example).
  • Sometimes inspiration happens last minute [See #2].
  • Sometimes I need an extra day, or week, or month to perfect a piece.

Now here’s where I can say, “respect my creative process” because it’s in your best interest.

Why am I inconsistent? Because I don’t want to give you some half-hearted piece of junk just to “keep up with the schedule.” I really do want you to receive my absolute best work. Is this it? No, not really, but it’s my long-winded way of saying “I’m sorry” and “Give me grace.”

5) I want to be authentic.

That’s why I’m sharing all of this with you. This is me behind closed doors. This is my reality right now.

Will it change someday? Maybe.

Do I want it to change? I kind-of like the inconsistently consistent creative process of mine.

Why am I inconsistent? This is who God made me to be, and I accept, value, and love myself despite wanting to pull out my hair sometimes or wonder what in the world is going on in my brain. It’s in these moments of inconsistency that I grow, learn, and develop more into who God created me to be. I choose to embrace my wild, beautiful, raw, weird and wacky self. 

What does all this mean for you?

Welcome to my world. :0)

The first/best/most important thing you can do for me is pray. Pray for my inconsistently consistent creative process. Pray for my sanity. Pray for my husband’s sanity.

If you want to pitch in and ease the load, great! Call/email/text/message me and I’ll tell you how you can help. If I can’t find something for you to do, then just be patient and give me space.

I’m still here. If you need me, leave a comment. Shoot me an email or a text. Send a shout-out on Facebook or Twitter. Pick up the phone and call me. I can’t drop everything any minute of the day, but I’ll make time for you because you are important to me. You might need to drag me away from my keyboard, but trust me, I really do want to see you… and the sun… sometime.

Share With Us: Can you relate to this? For those of you creatives, what’s your process like?

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  1. elfurymcs

    Emerson said, “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines.”

  2. I love this post. I have the same problem. I am inconsistent.
    This past summer I posted all day long. When I wasn’t posting or writing I was still on the Internet.
    A lot of it was depression. But most of it was because I wasn’t able to walk much.
    Our Internet was also faster.
    Now a days, while I am still not feeling well a good part of the time, I am just Doing More Elsewhere. Bible Studies online. Plus spending more time with my husband again.
    I have so much I would post if the internet was faster. It isn’t and I am learning not to get as upset. Life goes on.
    Their are books to read.
    I am rambling.
    Sorry about that.
    I just enjoyed the post.

    • I appreciate you sharing about your struggles with consistency and depression. I also struggle with anxiety and depression sometimes. I’ve made much progress in the last few years. It definitely helps motivate me when I know my readers are still with me and appreciate my commitment to be real and honest.

      • Hannah, I only recently started to share my depression and anxiety issues. The blogging world made it easier.
        It was hard at first to start.
        Now I have to watch what I say.

      • It is an ongoing battle.

  3. Jess

    I love number 4. Good for you putting this out there and being real with it. I still read your blog because I love your honesty and quality no matter how inconsistent.

    • Thank you so much Jess. I appreciate your support and commitment to reading.

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