January Update

January update

Greetings from sunny and snowy Colorado!

For those of you wondering where I’ve been, I’m here to assure you I haven’t forgotten the BHE community. There have been some significant changes in my life since I last posted in November. Let me bring you up to the present:

Life Updates 

  • I quit my job. If you weren’t aware, I left my child-care job back in mid-October to pursue my dreams and to be in a better environment.
  • I am job hunting… and soul searching and figuring-out-life. Sometimes it’s whimsy. Sometimes it’s exhilarating. Sometimes it’s terrifying.
  • I started grad school. I am pursuing a Masters in Nonprofit Management.
  • Adam is job hunting also. He is unable to move up any further in the place where he is at, and we are looking to move toward financial independence (a.k.a. move out from the in-laws).

Recent Changes

  • Updates on the homepage and mission statement
  • Updates on the social media page
  • My photo across all platforms has been updated
  • If you didn’t notice before, my “for men” page and “policies” page is nested under Guide to the Garden and “what I believe” is nested under Meet Me.

What to Expect

  • Updated look and layout of the blog
  • Updated social media sites
  • Once a week posts on BHE (probably Wednesday)
  • Coming Soon! Additional content from 2015’s 30 Dates in November Challenge will be available on the blog for everyone
  • More frequent social media posts
  • Weekly wrap-up on Facebook every Saturday.
  • Monthly update – the 3rd week of the month on Mondays
  • Coming Soon! “Now What?” page  as a followup to 30 Dates in November Challenge, including all previous years’ challenges in one convenient location and thoughts about this year’s 2016 challenge.
  • Coming Soon! Resources “For Women” page  including other helpful, encouraging and relevant blogs, ministries, books, and resources

Inspirational Quote

  • “Leadership is not about being in charge. Leadership is about taking care of those in your charge.” ~Simon Sinek

Next Post Preview

Come back Wednesday to read more about renewal vs. resolutions on the blog.

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