It’s Only Monday, Day 30

Last week, I was stressing big time last night over silly stuff and I went to bed thinking, “it’s only Monday.” The following morning, while I had trouble getting up, I thought, “oh, it’s already Tuesday!” What a difference perspective make! We can choose to let stress go or hold onto it. Letting go of worries and stress is a big part of living fearlessly.

Back in the spring, I read this on my Facebook feed from Ann Voskamp (who writes a fabulous blog at A Holy Experience):

Hey Soul? So here’s the thing: you get multiple choice today:
Busy is a choice.
Stress is a choice.
*Joy is a choice.*
You get to choose. Choose well. Deciding first thing: “My choice is You, God, first and only.” Ps.16:5MSG
Choosing Joy!

I hope in these last 30 days you’ve had a change of perspective, a change of heart, and you’ve seen a change in your marriage for the better. I hope you’ve learned to better love the Lord your God and to better love your closest, most intimate neighbor (your husband). As you continue on past the month of November, past the end of the challenge, I encourage you to keep this perspective:  

I choose to let go of busyness. I choose to let go of stress. I choose joy. Today I will put God first. Today I choose to make my marriage a priority. I choose to love my God and my husband today with all of my heart, soul, mind, and strength. 

Today’s Challenge: What have you learned and where have you grown? Rejoice in the Lord today. Choose one way to be joyful and loving toward your spouse today. You can pick one of your favorite challenges from the past 30 days to re-do or come up with something new.

Bible Passage: Psalm 103

Additional Content: Visit the private Facebook page for 31 Ways to Add Joy to Your Marriage this Holiday SeasonJust because the challenge is over doesn’t mean you still can’t sign up and access the additional content. Click here to sign-up-up.

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