One and Only, Day 26

day 26

Happy Thanksgiving! Today celebrate your “one and only” love – your husband. Add a little romance into your Thanksgiving Day with the 5 love languages.

  • Words of Affirmation – Write him a thank-you card. You can pick up a card from the store or make one yourself. Include 3-5 things you are grateful for in regards to him and your marriage. Set it on his place setting at dinner (or for something more private, place it on his pillow tonight).
  • Acts of Service – Volunteer together in the community. Find a local soup kitchen or homeless shelter to volunteer at together. Volunteer to work in the nursery at church on an upcoming Sunday. Visit an elderly home and spread some holiday cheer. Offer to rake leaves together in your neighbors’ yards. (Don’t forget an act of service special just for him – like making him a hot breakfast before heading off to volunteer or warming up the car in the morning before you’re on your way to volunteering and attaching a post-it to his steering wheel that says something like “You warm my heart.”)
  • Receiving Gifts – Create an I’m-thankful-for-you gift basket. Include things that remind you of the reasons why you love him and are grateful for him (i.e. he encourages you [a framed Bible verse of encouragement]; he makes you laugh [a comedy movie you both enjoy]; he can’t wait to spend time with you in the morning [a bottle of Mountain Dew… haha… jk… only for my husband] 
  • Quality Time – Plan an after-dinner romantic outing. Pick something for just the two of you to focus on one another for at least 1-2 hours of interrupted time. If you can’t fit it in today because of family obligations, make plans for tomorrow or later this weekend and tell him today you have surprise plans to whisk him away.
  • Physical Touch – Watch the Thanksgiving Day parade together and cuddle. The parade not your scene? Try a movie you both love. Whatever you choose to watch, do it in bed, under the covers with plenty of cuddling and touching. Or enjoy the whole thing in the nude. Include commercial-break make-out marathons.

Today’s Challenge: Pick one of the above suggestions and enjoy Thanksgiving with your husband.

Bible Passage: Psalm 136

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