One Moment Please, Day 19

day 19

You all know what I’m talking about…

…when you call to pay a bill or get information from your doctor’s office or call in regards to a question you have about one of your bank accounts… and the annoying automated voice says, “One moment please…” while you wait for your call to be transferred and/or answered. Then you sit on the line for however long… five minutes… ten minutes… twenty minutes… thirty-five minutes… all the while thinking this is such a huge and obnoxious waste of your time, and to make matters worse, they have that ridiculous hard-to-hear music playlist that cycles through at least five or six times before your caller picks up… or worse, you get cut off and you have to call back and start all over again.

I don’t know about you but I really dislike those kinds of phone calls. Something occurred to me recently. When I tell my husband to hold on, and I make him wait for awhile, I get distracted, caught up in whatever I’m working on, after promising to “be right there,” or “just five more minutes,” and five minutes turns into thirty minutes or an hour, I’m just as annoying as the “one moment please” automated callers. I will confess something to you, my readers. I’ve struggled with balancing my writing-work-home life. During the week, it’s easy to get work done because my husband is at work during the day and I have hours at home to write and do household chores. However, on the weekends, it’s not so easy to pull off writing at all hours of the day and night because he’s home and wants to spend time with me. I know it’s the right thing to do and sometimes I still put my husband “on hold” because I just want to get this “one more thing” done. This is an example of me taking my husband, my lover, and my life partner for granted.

Yes, that’s me, the BHE wife guilty as charged – neglecting my husband in favor of writing for you all and working on my novel (and then getting uber distracted with hours of research). I realized today I need to stop pulling the “one moment please” line on my husband, which is really code for “however-long-I-need-it-to-be please.” I need to stop putting off things that are important and actually do them – like taking time for my husband when he asks and initiating time with my husband (especially when he’s home).

Today’s Challenge: Stop procrastinating on something you said you’ll do with or for your husband. Actually make a plan to do it. It doesn’t have to be today (because maybe you need more prep time), but today take the time to write down a solid plan. Spend at least five minutes with your husband today and let him know you value him and his time and you enjoy being with him.

Bible Passage: Luke 10:38-42

Additional Content:  Visit the private Facebook page for Just Do It: Being Productive Rather than Busy. Click here to sign-up.

Questions to Ponder: What things have you been putting off doing with or for your husband? How can you make more of an effort to do these things? 

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