One Flesh: Naked and Unashamed, Day 16

Day 16

In our culture, nakedness is often associated with two things – sexualization or shame. The problem is this isn’t God’s design. Nakedness is a pure, precious gift from God to be enjoyed between a husband and wife. It’s time we reclaim this message, believe it, and act on it, ladies.

Genesis 2:24-25 says, “A man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh. Adam and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame.” 

Nakedness is intimate.

There’s a reason why a husband and wife leave their families. Marriage is a deeply personal relationship, one that is private and isn’t shared. This doesn’t mean you don’t still have contact with your families or that you don’t live near them, but marriage is designed to be intimate. Your spouse is your first priority. Physical nakedness is a picture of the baring of one’s self to another. This is your most unadorned self, open in view of your spouse. You are a glorious creation, dear wife. Invite your husband to share in your beauty and glory.

Nakedness is honoring. 

God formed, created, fashioned Adam from His own image, with His very breath. Man is designed physically, emotionally, and spiritually to be the protector and provider – to meet her needs. God also formed, fashioned, created woman in His own image, and from Adam’s rib. She is designed physically, emotionally, and spiritually to uniquely nurture and connect – to meet his needs. Their nakedness brings them together in a holy, honoring way.

Nakedness is unifying. 

Because nakedness is intimate, it is also unifying. No one else gets to see you like this. This is a unique bond between a husband and wife. Genesis 4:1 says, “Adam knew his wife.” The Hebrew word for know is ‘yada.’ Yada is used 950 times in the Bible typically to describe a deep relationship, connection, understanding of God. Yada isn’t merely to know about God, but to experience God. The same is to be said of the “unveiling” in a marriage. When you naked before your spouse, you are deeply connected to them, and you experience the fullness of who they are through the marriage bed. The Psalmist speaks of knowing in Psalm 139 – how God knows your innermost self, how He created you, knit you together with patience, love, and wisdom, designed you all the way down to your individual cells of DNA. This is what you partake in when you’re naked with your husband – an active experience of knowing your spouse, becoming one with your spouse, and ultimately glorifying God.

Today’s Challenge: Take time today to be naked and unashamed with your husband. If this is an area you truly struggle with, it’s okay to put this off to another day, but I challenge you to free-write (journal) about this topic. Ask yourself questions like what makes me feel comfortablehow can my husband encourage me, what barriers keep me from being naked and unashamed, etc. Create a game plan to tackle barriers. Review the steps of goal-setting from Day 2 on the Facebook page.

Bible Passage: Psalm 139

Additional Content: Visit the private Facebook page for 5 Ways to Be Naked with Your Husband and 5 Ways to Be Naked and Unashamed. Click here to sign-up.

Share with Us: Do you allow yourself to be naked with your husband regularly? If you are holding back, what’s your next step to tackling these barriers? 



  1. elfurymcs

    More nakedness is always good for a marriage! I linked your post here.


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