Back to Square One, Day 10

day 10 30 Dates in November 2015

Where’s your heart today, my friend? Are you feeling excited and invigorated by the challenge, ready to tackle a new day? Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed out because you’ve fallen behind? Or maybe you’re somewhere in the middle – seeing the benefit of the challenge but also feeling the toll of the hard work you’re putting into it?

When I need to feel motivated or remember how God loves me, sometimes listening to my favorite band helps. Yes, I’m pulling out Switchfoot lyrics – Back to the Beginning.

In a CCM Magazine article, Jon Foreman, Switchfoot singer, admits to struggling with depression half-way through his tours. “There’s a point… where you begin to question the purpose of the journey.”

Maybe you’re there – wondering what the point of this journey through the 30 days of November is. 

Jon explains how he feels guilty… since there are millions around the world living in oppression and injustice – and he has the “luxury” of knowing he and his family are going to be all right tonight.

Maybe you’ve got a good marriage, like me, and you’re feeling guilty for wanting more – for wanting a great marriage. 

These are the moments that drive me back to the ultimate source of life and love and joy- yes, the creator/re-creator himself,” Jon adds.

This 30 Dates in November Challenge is about connecting with the ultimate source of life, love, and joy – the Creator – and living out of that incredible mind-blowing love toward the man you love. 

Jon explains the meaning behind the song:

Bring me back, bring me back to the beginning again.’ There is no joy to be found in my dead wells, my dried up fountains. I am stuck in the traffic of my dead end thoughts. I long to run free, with the colors that live outside the lines. But these dreams of freedom are mixed with hesitation; my fears and doubts began the day I was born. And yet, my hope is anchored on the other side of life and death with the colors that live outside of the lines.

God, the Creator and Redeemer, lives outside the lines. His colors are brighter and bolder, His joy is deeper and wider, and His love is free. Your hope is anchored on the other side of life and death. 

Rest easy, sweet sister, today is a catch-up day. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or discouraged, take heart. A longing for something more doesn’t make you a bad wife or an ungrateful wife- it makes you a wife who desires to grow, a wife who desires to live for eternal things, a wife who desires the colors that live outside the lines – a life Jesus Christ has to offer. 

You make a difference in your marriage. You make a difference to me by joining me on this journey. You make a difference to your husband by striving not for earthly perfection or “bragging rights” but because you are genuinely loved by the Creator who is working in and through you for His great purposes.

Today’s Challenge: Take time to catch up today. If you are all caught up, evaluate the journey – what’s been easy, what have you struggled with, and do you need to revise your goals? How’s your heart, your attitude, and your motivations? If you’d like, you can go back and redo a day that you struggled with or really enjoyed.

Bible Passage: Hebrews 12:1-3; Romans 5:1-11

Additional Content: Listen to the song and meditate on the lyrics of Back to the Beginning by Switchfoot. No additional Facebook group content today. Enjoy the break!

Share with Us: How are you doing with challenge? How can we pray for you? 

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