Him First, Day 9

day 9 30 dates in November Challenge 2015

In our messed-up, broken world, we have it all backwards. Selfishness causes you to turn inward and to shut out your husband. Selfishness keeps you from enjoying life together, from comforting one another, from helping each other through the dark days. When I’m feeling depressed, Adam does his best to cheer me up, setting aside his own agenda, and you know what the best part is? He tries to make me laugh. Sometimes I’m not ready for laughter, but a smile can go a long way in cheering me up.

Do you struggle with putting your husband first? This is something I’m struggling with right now as I’m writing this – balancing household chores, writing, “me time,” job hunting, friends time, and my husband. We don’t have kids yet, so we don’t have little ones vying for our attention, but we do live with my in-laws. While this arrangement has been wonderful and I get along well with my extended family, this is definitely something that can be frustrating at times – like when they interrupt our “couple time,” or they need something from us, or we can’t have the living room to ourselves. Being with my in-laws has forced me to become creative with my schedule and making my marriage a priority, and to value the “alone time” I do get with Adam. No deadline, family member, friend, or chore is more important than my husband. He comes first.

Today’s Challenge: Find a way to put your husband first today. Reexamine your schedule and drop a time-sucker from it. Let a chore go one more day in favor of spending time with him. Sit down together and schedule a fun date night. Make a point to connect today – talk with each other, hold hands, kiss, etc.

Bible Passage: Philippians 2:1-11

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Share with Us: How do you put your husband first in your marriage? 

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