First Place, Day 7

day 7 30 dates in November Challenge 2015

Friday nights are date nights in the Williams household. It’s our night to celebrate making it through another week and arriving at the weekend. However, sometimes we do a mid-week date night or a Monday night date night. Why? Because sometimes it’s nice to celebrate for an off-beat reason (and there’s less competition for a table at our favorite restaurants).

Over the summer, Adam and I did Wednesday night date nights. I’d wear a dress and heels, and Adam would wear a button-down shirt and we’d head someplace simple like Wendy’s and afterwards conclude the evening with a walk. Dressing up on a weeknight and eating fast food seems over the top but we both had a blast. Why? Celebrating the little things is what makes life special, what motivates us to keep going, and what brings joy to the everyday mundane.

God cares about small things, the little details. Look at how intricately He has designed His creation, how marvelously He’s created your husband, and how beautifully He’s created you. Do you let your husband know he’s “won first place” in your heart? How often do you remind him that he’s your one-and-only? When do you take the time to admire him?

Romans 12:9 reminds us, “Love must be sincere.”

  • Don’t patronize your husband. Don’t talk to him like you’re talking to your child or a puppy. He’s not a “good little boy” who deserves a treat, but rather your manly husband who needs your love and respect.
  • Don’t give false compliments. A compliment like “Honey, thanks for always remembering to take out the trash,” is nice but not when it’s coupled with a sarcastic tone or slouching posture. Use kindness, gentleness, and sincerity in your choice of words, your tone of voice, and your body language.
  • Overly praising him for every little thing he does right isn’t good either. Opt for quality over quantity.

Today’s Challenge: Take the time to celebrate your husband and recognize his little accomplishments. Let him know he’s appreciated. Think back over this first week – what one thing has your husband accomplished, regardless of how small? What are two to three things your husband has done this week to make you feel loved and appreciated? What is 1 little relationship breakthrough have you made in your marriage recently? Start with his love language for inspiration for celebratory ideas (and if you don’t know it, take the quiz here).

Bible Passage: Romans 12:9-10; Philippians 2:3-4

Additional Content: Visit the private Facebook page for 5 Things You Should Say to Your Husband Everyday and 5 Ways to Celebrate Using His Love LanguageClick here to sign-up.

Share with Us: How do you show appreciation? What little things has your husband done for you? 


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