First Light, Day 6

day 6 30 Dates in November Challenge 2015

When Adam and I first moved to Colorado, he worked nights and I wrote during the day. One winter morning,  Adam woke me up arrive 5:30am. We stepped out onto the narrow, icy steps of our double wide trailer. He put his arm around me and pointed up at the majestic Rocky Mountains. As the sun rose at our backs,  we watched the sky change from inky black to cool yellow to peachy pink to rosy red.

What’s so romantic about a sunrise?

  • A sunrise is beautiful.  You are engaging in God’s glorious creation when you watch a sunrise.
  • A sunrise is intimate. There aren’t many people awake watching the sunrise and it’s still quiet. It feels very personal and special this way.
  • A sunrise is peaceful.  The cares of the day haven’t set in heavy stresses on our shoulders yet.
  • A sunrise is unique. The sun rose today. It rose yesterday.  It’ll rise tomorrow.  Yet while it’s predictable,  there are no two sunrises alike. Each day paints a unique picture, unlike yesterday’s and it’ll be different tomorrow too.

Your husband is like a sunrise.

  • He too is a masterpiece of God’s creation, a spectacular sight to witness.
  • You get to know him intimately in a way no one else gets to experience.
  • A stable, happy, healthy marriage brings peace to your home.
  • Each morning starts a unique day with him – a gift unlike yesterday or tomorrow.

Do you cherish first light with your husband? What are your first few moments of the day like? Do you make time for your husband or is he an afterthought in the busyness of getting ready for the day?

I struggle with this. .. I’m a night owl and Adam is a morning lark. I have a tendency to stay up late furiously pounding away at my keyboard and sleep in the following morning.  Even if we don’t always get up at the same time,  Adam purposely comes back to the bedroom, kisses me,  hugs me,  and says goodbye before he leaves for work. This simple 60 second routine seriously makes my day better.

Today’s Challenge: Look at your morning routine. What small thing can you do to make your husband’s morning better? Feel free to ask him for ideas.

Bible Passage: Psalm 90:14

Additional content: Visit the private Facebook page for 5 Tips to Make Your Morning G.R.E.A.T. and 5 Morning Date Ideas. Click here to sign-up.

Share with us: what’s a typical morning look like with you? What works well for  setting the tone of your day? What would you like to improve?

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