First Glance, Day 5

day 5 30 Dates in November Challenge 2015

Remember what first attracted you to your husband? Was it his smile? His eyes? His lips? His laughter? His muscular arms? His sculpted chest? The way he said your name? Go ahead. Giggle a little. Remembering how you fell in love with your husband is supposed to be fun.

Honestly, when I first met Adam, I didn’t think he was physically attractive. Shocking, I know! He was wearing his hair long at the time, nearly as long as mine, and mid-back-length hair just wasn’t sexy to me. When we reconnected on the steps of my dorm again during my senior year in college, he had cut his hair and was wearing contacts instead of glasses. I remember thinking I can see his eyes now. He’s actually kind-of handsome. This wasn’t the first thing though that attracted me to him. Anyone who knows Adam knows he’s loud. He’s not a soft-spoken man. He’s boisterous and bouncy and projects when he speaks. We both belonged to a campus fellowship group. Freshman year, Adam was asked to pray for our group. I was completely surprised when he prayed. Loud, bordering-on-obnoxious Adam was quiet and reverent as he prayed. There was deep emotion and conviction behind his words – one that spoke of a man who was truly humbled in his brokenness before God – and this was intensely sexy.

Study your husband. What is it about him that you find attractive now?  The woman in the Song of Solomon spent an enormous amount of time observing the love of her life. She calls him “handsome,” “pleasing,” “delightful,” and “strong.” She describes his manly figure in great detail. She also longs to spend time with him and  desires to invest in him.

Today’s Challenge: At first glance, what about your husband is so attractive? Don’t think about it. Write it down. Now make a list of  5-9 more things you find attractive about your husband. If you need inspiration, use the Bible passage below. Celebrate 1-2 of these things from the list. [i.e. admiringly gaze into his attractive eyes, plant a long, passionate kiss on his sensuous lips, linger long in his strong embrace, squeeze his hands and ask him to pray for you and with you, etc]. 

Bible Passage: Song of Solomon 2:3-13; 5:10-16

Additional Content: Visit the private Facebook page for 5 Ways to Celebrate What Attracts You to Your Husband and Resources for When You’re Not Attracted to Him. Click here to sign-up.

Share with Us: What about your husband did you first find attractive? What do you find attractive about him now? What’s changed or stayed the same? 

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