First Steps: Day 3

day 3 30 Dates in November Challenge 2015

What’s the best way to stay motivated and press on through this challenge? Baby steps. 

There’s a great early ’90s movie called What About Bob? Bob is an unusual patient who struggles with a series of neuroses and has a habit of scaring off his therapists. He meets self-obsessed, self-important Dr. Leo Marvin right before the good doctor is about to take a family vacation. Dr. Marvin suggests that Bob mentally walk himself through a series of “baby steps” to help him get where he wants to go (i.e. on the elevator, the bus, waiting for a phone call, etc). Hilarity ensues when Bob crashes Dr. Marvin’s vacation, gradually finding love, healing, and acceptance through a series of strangely simple, but breakthrough mishaps and adventures.

When you need to stay on task, you need to take small steps instead of giant leaps. Those first few steps on a challenging path can be difficult, especially if you’re trying to break months or years of bad habits. The key is making those first steps is a baby stepa small, but meaningful action to get you going in the right direction and help you lay the groundwork for success. 

Zechariah 4:10 says, “Do not despise small beginnings for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin…” The little things, the mundane things, the everyday things – these are things that make up a life. You don’t need to plan elaborate date nights, buy lavish gifts, speak eloquent words, or make wild, passionate love to your husband every day to live a life of love with him. My husband always tells me how much he loves the little things. Does he enjoy the occasionally big surprises? Yes, but it’s the day-to-day things – making him a lunch, putting clean underwear in his drawer, giving him a kiss hello – that prove my love for him.


I am amazed at how the largest, tallest tree in the world, a redwood tree, has the smallest pinecone. How can such a huge tree spring from such a tiny seed? Jesus speaks of the tiniest mustard seed growing into a large tree and a woman who takes a bit of yeast and mixes it into the huge amount of flour she has. What’s the point of His illustration? From the tiniest of seeds, large trees grow, flourish, and branch out to include birds. From the small, steady working of the yeast into the dough, a loaf of bread rises. Faith starts small. Growth begins with a tiny seed. Love cultivated grows strong and invites others in.

Today’s Challenge: Pick a small, meaningful action step you can take today to invest in your husband – a first step toward getting in a loving mindset toward him.

Bible Passage: Luke 13:18-20

Additional Content: Visit the private Facebook page for 10 Tiny Ways to Love Your Husband Daily and 6 Ways to Invest in Your Husband. Click here to sign-up.

Share with Us: What tiny seeds are you sowing today in your marriage? What are you doing on a daily basis to cultivate your love for your husband? 



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