First Port of Call, Day 2

day 2 30 dates in november challenge 2015

What goals do you have for this 30-day journey? The phrase “first port of call” is a a nautical term meaning “the first port that a shipcalls in’ (enters) after starting its voyage.’ The phrase also means “the first place you go to start a process.” The goal of this challenge is to deepen your walk with God and love your husband. Where’s the first place you go to start this process?

First, look to God’s Word. We can glean wisdom about goal setting from the story of Joseph.

  • Joseph was a visionary. Joseph dreamed about becoming a powerful ruler. He had a clear, strong desire to make a difference in the world, and his dreams unleashed a wealth of possibilities.
  • Joseph endured hardship. Joseph was sold into slavery by his angry, jealous brothers. He could’ve played the victim, but instead he worked hard.  He was purchased by Potiphar, the captain of Pharaoh’s guard. Potiphar “saw that the Lord was with him [Joseph] and… the Lord gave him success in everything he did.” Because of this, Potiphar “put him in charge of his household, and… entrusted to his care everything he owned” (Genesis 39:3-4). When Joseph was falsely accused of sleeping with Potiphar’s wife and he landed in prison, he didn’t stop working. God “granted him favor in the eyes of the prison warden… [and the] warden put Joseph in charge of all those held in the prison” (Genesis 39:20-22).
  • Joseph had a plan. Because he was in prison, Joseph interpreted the dreams of Pharaoh’s baker and cupbearer. In Genesis 40:14, he said, “remember me and show me kindness; mention me to Pharaoh and get me out of this prison.” We have to remember that God’s timing isn’t our own. Joseph stayed in prison two more years. However, God didn’t forget him. When the Pharaoh began having dreams, the cupbearer remembered Joseph’s abilities.
  • Joseph was humble. Joseph was called to interpret the dreams of Pharaoh. This was a moment to make himself look good. Instead, he gives God credit. “I cannot do it… but God will give Pharaoh the answer he desires” (Genesis 41:16).
  • Joseph went above and beyond. Joseph didn’t stop with interpreting dreams. He outlined in detail how to make the most of the season of abundance and prevent Egypt’s ruin in the coming famine. Because of this, Pharaoh made Joseph second-in-charge of Egypt, strategically placing Joseph where he could do good.

Second, look to your husband. Go to the source. If you want to know how to love him…

  • Observe him. What makes him smile? When does he appear the most happy with you? Where does he go and what does he do for comfort, peace, and relaxation? 
  • Ask him. How does he feel and experience love from you? What is something he enjoys doing with you? What are his spiritual, physical, sexual, intellectual, and emotional needs and desires from you, his wife? 

Today’s Challenge: Pick an example from Joseph’s story you’d like to focus on for the duration of the challenge. Take a few moments today to observe your husband using the questions above as a guide. If you have the time, ask your husband how you can “love on” him. Use your notes as a guideline to set 1-3 personal goals for the challenge.

Bible Passage: Genesis 37, 39-41

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Share with Us: What are your thoughts on goal-setting for your marriage? Have you set goals before? Did you achieve them? What did and didn’t work? 


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