First Things First, Day 1

day 1 30 dates in November Challenge 2015

I am blessed to live in beautiful Colorado within the view of the spectacular Rocky Mountains. This summer, I had an intimate encounter with God in those mountains. After leaving Adam at work one day, I felt God calling me. I followed a road through the canyon and up the hill. I had no idea where I was going. Twice, I pulled over and tried to use my GPS. It didn’t work. The Holy Spirit tugged at my heart, “You don’t need the GPS. Trust Me. Follow Me.”

When I reached the summit, I didn’t want to park on someone’s property. God answered me with a parking lot for a scenic preserve to my immediate left. Excitedly, I stepped from the car, walked up the dusty path, and looked out over His glorious creation.  In a moment where I desperately needed to encounter God, feel His love, hear His direction, and experience His healing, He met me.

There’s something cathartic about God showing up on a mountain. Many significant events happen on mountains in the Bible.

  • God remembered Noah and his family as the ark came to rest on the mountains of Ararat after the Flood. [Genesis 8:1-5]
  • God provided a sacrifice to replace Abraham’s only son, Isaac on a mountain in the region of Moriah. [Genesis 22:1-18]
  • God revealed Himself and His plan to Moses through a burning bush on the mountain of Horeb. [Exodus 3]
  • God delivered the Law to Moses on Mount Sinai. [Exodus 19-20]
  • Jesus delivered the Sermon on the Mount. [Matthew 5-7]
  • Jesus healed the mute, lame, crippled and blind on a mountainside. [Matthew 15:29-31]
  • Jesus took his close three disciples – Peter, James, and John – up a mountain for the Transfiguration. [Matthew 17:1-13]
  • Jesus commissioned the apostles on a mountain. [Matthew 28:16-20]

First things first, pray. These next 30 days are about getting back to the basics in your marriage – deepening your walk with God and loving your husband with purpose and passion. These are the two most important areas of your life. This is where you start.

Today’s Challenge: Spend time in prayer today. You decide how long you need. Ask God to cover the next 30 days in His love, grace, and truth. Examine your heart and ask God to take away any negative motivations. Think about one area of your marriage that needs help or an area you’d like to improve. If you can’t think of one, ask God to give you eyes to see an area where He’d like you to grow. Ask God – “What’s my mountain?” and then invite God to meet you where you’re at in your marriage.

Bible Passage: Psalm 121

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Share with Us: What excites you about the challenge? What concerns or fears do you have? How can the BHE community join you in prayer for your marriage, your husband, and your commitment to this 30 day journey? 

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