Remember God is Driving… and Other Things You Should Know

day 0

Hi ladies,

November 1st is right around the corner. 30 Dates in November Challenge 2015 is about to be underway. Here are a few things you should know before starting:

  1. Remember God is driving. Let God lead you this November. Let Him set the pace and determine what it is you need to focus on in your walk with Him and your marriage.
  2. Keep praying. Your prayer support is essential to completing this challenge. Please pray for my focus, technology (no technical difficulties), perseverance, God’s protection over my marriage and my walk with Him, peace of mind, sleep, and low stress levels.
  3. Sign up officially! If you haven’t already, email me at [] and shoot me your name, 30 Dates in November Challenge in the subject line, and your name and email address in the subject box. I’ll send you a link to the private Facebook group page for all the additional challenge content.
  4. Why Facebook? Perhaps some of you are nervous about joining the group on a social media platform.
    • The Facebook page is completely private. Only members of the challenge can see the page.
    • Yes, others joining will be able to see your information (and I will do my best to honor your privacy). Please remember that you have the option to change your personal privacy settings.
    • If you fall behind or if someone joins late, you can view all the content in one location instead of 30+ separate emails.
    • It’s a free platform (my email service last year wasn’t).
    • This commitment on Facebook makes it more real, I believe, because it involves deeper commitment, but it also provides more accountability, opportunities for discussion, and opportunities to encourage one another personally in a way that the emails just don’t.
    • For those of you who have joined, there is a more specific post on the Facebook page for guidelines.
  5. Keep the challenge a secret from your husband. This makes the month more fun and relieves some of the pressure on you.
  6. Promote the challenge on your social media platforms, email, and word of mouth. Feel free to use the following pictures:


infographic for 30 Dates in November 2015 challenge

learn what it really means to love your neigbor 30 Dates in November Challenge 2015 at

1 Comment

  1. World_runner

    So happy to see you back at it. God bless and good luck!

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