30 Dates in November 2015

2015 challenge

When I was thinking about a theme for this year’s challenge, I began searching Scriptures for a verse that encapsulated living out the Gospel. The heart of the Gospel is love. What better verse than the greatest commandment! Jesus says in Luke 10:27,

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, with all your strength and with all your mind; and, love your neighbor as yourself.”

If you want to go back to basics, here’s where to start.

  • LOVE GOD: The Son of God came to earth and lived among man, taught us how to love, died on a cross for you, conquered death, defeated sin, and made a way for you to be reconciled to the King of all creation. This is what distinguishes Christianity from all other religions – relationship. God came down. He wants to be first in your heart, in your mind, in your actions, in your marriage, and in your life because He put you first.
  • LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR: The word ‘neighbor’ in Greek is plésion, meaning near. Strong’s Greek Concordance breaks it down even more: ‘where two are concerned [with] and [for] the other… worthy to be regarded as a friend or companion.’ As your marriage partner, your husband is your friend, and you, his wife, are his ezer kenegdo, his ‘sustainer beside him.’ It doesn’t get more neighborly than the man nearest to your heart.

30 Dates in November 2015 Challenge: Love Your Neighbor 

What is the challenge? 30 day challenge to grow with God intently and intimately and love your husband purposely and passionately.

Who can do the challenge? Wives who are serious about growing in their faith and marriage

When is the challenge? November 1-30, 2015

Where is the challenge? The daily posts and the basic challenges will be available on the BHE blog. Additional discussion, content, and prayer support will be available via a private Facebook group**.

Why do the challenge? When you commit to something with intentionality and accountability, you have a higher chance for success. The daily posts will provide a specific intentional challenge for you to put God first in all things and deepen your love and intimacy with your husband. The BHE community is designed to provide you the accountability to follow-through on the challenge.

**How to Sign Up** 

The daily posts and challenges will be available on the blog (without additional email content). I would highly encourage you to make your commitment official with the BHE community by joining the private Facebook group. Please send me an email at adamseve.becominghiseve@gmail.com

  • Include 30 Dates in November 2015 challenge in the subject line.
  • Include your name, email address, and sign me up in the subject box.

You will receive an email invite from Hannah Williams (me) to the Facebook group: 30 Dates in November 2015. Click through to join the group. Receive updates, additional content, and encouragement via the Facebook group. Post your comments, concerns, questions, and prayer requests on the group page. Rules for engagement on the Facebook page will follow my Email guidelines found here.

You do need to have a Facebook account to follow the group. At this time, I won’t be providing content otherwise, and all requests to receive content in another format will be ignored. I’m experimenting with this Facebook group this year so I’d appreciate feedback. In the future, I will consider reopening other methods of delivering challenge content or possibly making all content available via PDF download.

3 Things this Challenge is not… 

1. The magic-cure-all for marital issues 

I am not a professional marriage counselor or medical expert. Please seek outside counsel if you and/or your spouse/significant other fall into one of these categories (This list is not all inclusive):

  • are struggling with a sexual or substance abuse addiction
  • are a victim of abuse, rape, or other types of violence
  • you or your spouse has committed infidelity
  • you are or have struggled with abusing others
  • have a health issue that is interrupting your sexual intimacy (i.e. experiencing pain during intercourse)
  • you or your spouse is a sexual refuser

Perhaps you have a major conflict in your marriage right now. Expect opposition. The Devil doesn’t like it when we get together and commit to doing something for the glory of God and to love, respect, and honor our husbands. These issues don’t go away overnight and don’t expect this challenge to magically “fix” your martial problems. However, this challenge is designed to help build-in good habits to help you on the path to healing and restoration.

2. Just a fun thing to do this November 

I do want to be clear that 30 Dates in November is a challenge. It is designed to:

  • get you thinking outside of the box
  • stretch you outside your comfort zone
  • inspire you to love on your husband
  • challenge you to take your marriage to the next level

You’ll probably feel like giving up a few times. There will be days you don’t feel like loving your husband. Things come up and you’ll get busy with life. That’s okay. Keep going. Keep praying. Keep loving.

3. A Burdensome Task 

In the pasts, my challenges have been complicated, and I confess, I’ve even had trouble keeping up at times. This year I’m keeping things simple. Reading content on the blog, basic challenge on the blog, and all additional content and discussion interaction available on one social media platform: Facebook.

Look at each day as an opportunity to grow in your love for your husband. If you fall behind, don’t worry. Pick right back up the next day, the next week, or even the next month. No one will fault you for getting sick or injured, schedules changing, company in town, etc. However, commit to keep going. Pick a day you’ll start again, write it down, and then hold to it. Don’t give up. Give it up to Jesus and press on, my sister!





  1. I know I am late getting started but would love to do the whole 30 days.
    What a wonderful idea.

    • Hi and welcome, it’s never too late to start. I’ll be sure to add you.

      • Hannah, Thank you. I am sorry I haven’t responded. Computer crashed and burned and the park is busy this time of year. Hugs

        • No worries. I understand computer woes. I hope you got things worked out.


  1. It’s Only Monday, Day 30 | Becoming His Eve
  2. One Life to Live, Day 29 | Becoming His Eve
  3. Only Goodness, Day 28 | Becoming His Eve
  4. Only One, Day 27 | Becoming His Eve
  5. One and Only, Day 26 | Becoming His Eve
  6. Only Human, Day 25 | Becoming His Eve
  7. You Only Fail… Day 24 | Becoming His Eve
  8. Only in the Darkness… Day 23 | Becoming His Eve
  9. Only Hope, Part 2, Day 22 | Becoming His Eve
  10. Only Hope, Part 1, Day 21 | Becoming His Eve
  11. One of a Kind, Day 20 | Becoming His Eve
  12. One Moment Please, Day 19 | Becoming His Eve
  13. One Moment in Time, Day 18 | Becoming His Eve
  14. One of the Worst Days, Day 17 | Becoming His Eve
  15. One Flesh: Naked and Unashamed, Day 16 | Becoming His Eve
  16. One Flesh: Fragrant Love, Part 3, Day 15 | Becoming His Eve
  17. One Spirit, Part 2, Day 12 | Becoming His Eve
  18. One Spirit, Part 1, Day 11 | Becoming His Eve
  19. Him First, Day 9 | Becoming His Eve
  20. If At First You Don’t Succeed, Day 8 | Becoming His Eve
  21. First Place, Day 7 | Becoming His Eve
  22. First Light, Day 6 | Becoming His Eve
  23. First Glance, Day 5 | Becoming His Eve
  24. First Hurdle, Day 4 | Becoming His Eve
  25. First Port of Call, Day 2 | Becoming His Eve
  26. First Things First, Day 1 | Becoming His Eve

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