Don’t be S.A.D. Get G.L.A.D.

Don't Be SAD Get GLAD from Becoming His Eve Photo Credit: Stuart Miles via

Valentine’s Day brought up a host of emotions for me as a single gal. However, I learned wallowing in S.A.A.D. (self-pity, apathy/anxiety, and depression) didn’t help anything. God created a beautiful you, no matter what your relationship status. Celebrate life and love this weekend.

G. Get together with girlfriends

Call your closest girlfriends and find a fun activity to do…

  • dress up and get dinner, drinks, and dessert on the town
  • do a grown-up sleepover spa night with a fondue bar
  • host a potluck dinner and set a beautiful table
  • coordinate with your lady friends and do a progressive dinner [I did this one year for my birthday. We had salads and appetizers at one friend’s home, main course at my grandma’s home, and dessert and drinks at my house. So much fun!]
  • go bowling
  • host a board game night with plenty of munchies and dollar-store prizes
  • do a scavenger hunt all over town (create a list of free or almost-free pink, red, and purple items your friends can collect from around town and meet back at your favorite fast food restaurant or coffee shop at a pre-determined time) [I also did this on a birthday one year, and my friends and I had a blast].

A few years ago, I attended a Valentine’s tea at a friend’s home. She went all out with candles, flowers, candy and nut dishes, china teacups, delicious goodies, tea sandwiches, and of course, proper British tea. She made us all feel so special, and we each got to take home a rose. Be creative. Laugh. Celebrate friendship.

L. Love Like Jesus

Look at who Jesus spent His time with – the last, the lost, and the least of these. He recognized their God-given worth. Who are the least of these in your life? Donate your time this Valentine’s Day. One year I volunteered in a senior center and made Valentines and played games with the cutest little old ladies, most of them widows. Another year I volunteered with a bunch of students offering free babysitting to low-income families who couldn’t afford childcare so the couple could enjoy a night out. Still another year, I treated a girl on my floor in my dorm to coffee and biscotti after she had broken up with her boyfriend the night before. Volunteer in your local community and love like Jesus. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about romance – let’s make it about genuine, servant-hearted love.

A. Alternate Celebrations

Who says Valentine’s Day has to be all about love? Celebrate one of these quirky holidays…

  • February is National Baking Month. I find baking to be a wonderful solitary relaxing activity (and it’s okay if you don’t…). I thoroughly enjoy putting on my apron, kneading my hands in the dough, and listening to some of my favorite music. Remember all those recipes you’ve been pinning and you haven’t tried yet? Pick one or two and bake away this weekend. Share the love with friends, family, co-workers, your church, neighbors, etc. If you’re a novice, I recommend these super easy hot pink chocolate chip cookies. If you’ve tried your hand at baking, try Red Velvet Brownies. If you are more experienced, try Airy Angel Food Cupcakes with Naturally Pink Icing.  For more baking ideas, check out my Pinterest boards.
  • February 14th is Quirky Day. Celebrate what makes you… you. For me, this would include a day filled with a hot breakfast, reading a good book, curling up on the couch to watch a favorite crime show, playing with my cat, spending time in God’s Word, praying, singing, writing, a brisk walk, and some of my favorite music. Pamper yourself today with solitary, soul-nourishing activities you enjoy.
  • Second-hand Wardrobe Week? Grab a friend and go digging for thrift store treasures. Donor Week? Donate blood to help save a life. Random Acts of Kindness Week? Drive to a mall or some other place with lots of people and do random acts of kindness. Hold open doors for people. Pay for the cup of coffee for the person behind you. Offer to pick up trash for the busy mom who’s got her hands full in the food court with her youngins’. Writing Appreciation Week? Curl up with a journal, a notebook, or a laptop and give yourself an hour or two to write away. Pancake Week? Treat a co-worker, sibling, parent, or a friend to a pancake breakfast at your favorite breakfast place. Bird-watching week? Pack a picnic lunch, layer up, and go bird watching. [I did this on the lagoon near my house one year and took some beautiful photographs.] Love-letter writing Week? Write Jesus a love letter, praise Him for loving you, and let Him know why you love Him. Be creative.

D. Dream Big.

Do you have a bucket list? If you don’t, grab a sheet of paper and jot down 10 things you’d love to do in your lifetime (disregarding finances, time, and feasibility).

Now pick one feasible option for this weekend. Perhaps going to Paris or skydiving is out of the question, but taking a class, driving on a mini road trip, or playing tourist in your town might be easier to accomplish. I was surprised when looking at mine that I had quite a few I could accomplish in a day (and as a solitary activity)  if I tried (i.e. visit a non-chain coffee shop, walk all the way around the local lake, write a letter to myself to open ten years from now, tie a message to a balloon and let them go, visit a drive-in movie, spend an afternoon in a bookstore, order dessert first at a restaurant, etc).

Psalm 118:24 says…

“This is the day the Lord has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it.” 

Love – it can be self-love (and as Christians, I think sometimes we forget, Jesus did take time to care for Himself), love of friends, love of others in our community, or the love of Christ – but celebrate love in a positive way this Valentine’s.


How will you (or did you) spend your Valentine’s Day as a single gal (or guy)? Which of these suggestions do you like the best? 

*Married gals, you can also modify these ideas to do also.

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