Welcoming the New Year: Looking Ahead, Pt. 3

Welcoming the new year, Looking Ahead, Pt. 3 from Becoming His Eve Photo Credit: kongsky via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Here are my 2015 marriage, blog, and spiritual goals: 

  • Live fearlessly in my faith walk. Boldly approach the throne of grace. Claim victory through Christ over sin and the Evil One. Remember God’s promises when I feel afraid, discouraged, and overwhelmed.
  • Live fearlessly in my marriage. Encourage my husband to live radically for Christ. Walk alongside my husband as his ezer kenegdo – his “sustainer beside him” in my thoughts, attitudes, emotions, words, and actions.
  • Speak life and truth through BHE. Explore how we live in response to His invitation to live a grace-filled life as women of purpose, passion, and faith.

Personal Stats for 2015:

  • I’m most looking forward to… relearning the promises of God and claiming victory in my heart and life 
  • The biggest challenge I anticipate… retraining my mind to ultimately affect a change in attitude and how I live 
  • Date idea I still want to try… I want to make a list of all the date ideas I’ve written about on the blog, present the list of themes to my husband, and ask him which ones he’d like to do in 2015
  • Vacation I’d like to take… still want to do the Grand Canyon, a camping trip, and a YMCA weekend getaway 
  • Activity I’d like to do with my husband…  lead a small group 
  • Topic I want to write about… what does it really mean to “become His Eve” and “become his Eve?”

What to Expect in January-February 2015

  • Exploring becoming “His” Eve and “his” Eve – discovering who Eve was, what we can learn from her, and most importantly, embracing who God created you to be 
  • Tips from my single days for celebrating Valentine’s Day with joy and love in your heart. Single ladies, don’t wallow in S.A.D. (self-pity, apathy, and depression) this Valentine’s day. Get G.L.A.D. 
  • Married couples, how can you love on your single friends in a God-glorifying way? The Church is NOT  a dating service. The Church IS the hands and feet of Christ. 
  • All new date ideas including popcorn, ice cream for breakfast, Chinese New Year themed, and Fairy-tale themed dates. 
  • Living fearlessly as a child of God. Exploring topics such as claiming victory through Christ (Friday, January 23rd)  and boldly approaching the throne of grace (Monday, January 26th).

Updates to the Blog 

  • I’ve updated my BHE mission statement to reflect the changes I’d like to make in 2015. Read more on my homepage.
  • Renamed my Links at the top of the page for your convenience and for clarity sake. I removed Thirty Dates in November Challenge page. If you have questions, concerns, or want to read more about this challenge, check out this post and/or email me directly.
  • Updated my categories and tags. This will be an ongoing process. Stay tuned.

Return this Friday for my one-word New Year’s resolution and how I want to live in 2015. 


What marriage/relationship, faith walk, and/or life goals do you have for 2015? What date idea do you want to see on the blog? 

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