Welcoming a New Year: Looking Back, Pt. 2

Welcoming the New Year, Looking Back, Pt. 2 from Becoming His Eve

If I could pick one word to encompass 2014, one thing that defined what God did in my heart and life, the word I’d pick would be… humility.

I always like setting personal goals and then looking back to see if I met them, if so, how, and if not, how I could adjust them or try again. Last year, I included 7 Personal Stats for 2013 and for 2014. I decided to update and include this again for the year 2014-2015.

7 Stats for 2014 

  1. Favorite subject to write? date night ideas, romance, connecting with your husband, sexual intimacy
  2. Hardest subject to write? areas where I struggle or have struggled with previously in my marriage
  3. Hardest challenge? dealing with negative feedback and misinterpretation
  4. What I loved the most?
    • meeting Fawn Weaver of Happy Wives Club in March. She is a fabulous woman of God and advocate for marriage. Please check out her ministry.
    • God’s overwhelming love during the month of November with my 30 Dates Challenge (bringing me over 500% increase in participation this year – it blew me away).
  5. Biggest lesson learned? Practically? Be prepared. Be prepared. Be prepared. Spiritually? Trusting God practically in the day-to-day living and being vulnerable with my husband and my fellow prayer warriors and sisters in the faith
  6. Favorite date with Adam? Sharing an anniversary dinner with Adam on New Year’s Eve where we dressed up and enjoyed an extravagant meal on the wharf in Santa Cruz

Did I meet my marriage goals from 2014? 

  • I wanted to improve intimate connection with Adam (and I’m happy to say we have deepened our intimate relationship. God has stretched me outside of my comfort zone in this area, allowing me to be more vulnerable and relaxed with my husband).
  • I also wanted to deepen our joint spiritual walk. You know the phrase – be careful what you wish for? Well, also be careful what you pray for because… God came through for me on this one. Adam and I’ve had deeper conversations and prayer time together in the last three months than I ever would’ve expected. The progress has been slow but steady in this department, but seeing answered prayers has equally terrified and excited me. It’s a bit scary when you see your prayers suddenly being answered and you recognize your own failures and weaknesses as a result. Then again, I shouldn’t be shocked because this is what I prayed for and asked for.  God has shown His benevolence, mercies, and grace through this process.
  • I was most looking forward to new opportunities for Adam and I. God did bless Adam and I with several new opportunities including a new steady job for myself, deepening friendships, the addition of Adam to the tech part of our church worship team, driving (for myself, a huge achievement and obstacle I overcame), and growth in our spiritual walk that I didn’t expect, didn’t always welcome, but totally appreciate God’s ever-loving hand in directing our paths.
  • The biggest challenge I expected was adjusting to a new schedule. While this was moderately challenging, God definitely humbled me drastically in several different ways in the year 2014, and made me realize my worth is not in things of this world, but in Him, and taught me how to love in new ways.
  • Alas, I didn’t do the Random Word Date.
  • Didn’t take the vacation to the Grand Canyon or to the Grand Canyon. Did take some other nice romantic vacations.
  • I did write an in-depth study of the Proverbs 31 woman during my 30 Dates in November Challenge.

Overall, 2014 was a year of “REAL” marriage growth and spiritual growth for me. While God did not always answer my prayers in the way I expected, He came through for me countless times in ways I never could’ve dreamed,nor would’ve seen if I had stayed stuck in my little-me mindset. Sometimes you stay in the valley because you aren’t ready for the mountain peaks. It isn’t about God depriving you. It’s about God protecting you. God pulled me out from myself and helped me to recognize His hand at work in my heart, faith walk, marriage, and life.

I leave you with a verse that encouraged, stretched, and strengthened me in 2014:

Humble yourselves (let go of self), therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that He may lift you up in due time (be exalted, be blessed, materially and spiritually, be pulled up). Cast your anxiety on Him because He cares for you. Be alert (watchful, ready) and of sober mind (sound judgment). Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” 1 Peter 5:6-8

Come back on Wednesday and read Welcoming in the New Year, Looking Forward. Check out what to expect in 2015 in the BHE community. 


What one word would you use to describe 2014? What lessons did you learn? Did you accomplish your resolutions and goals? 

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