20 Ways to Give the Gift of Presence

Give the Gift of Presence from Becoming His Eve

The Christmas season is a busy time of year. I’ve been getting lots of these questions:

  • How do I make time for sexual intimacy during the holidays? 
  • What kind of gifts should I get my husband (or wife)?
  • What things can I do to spice up sex with my husband during the holidays?

My answer: Give the gift of presence. Your presence in your spouse’s life is more important than any other present you’d buy him/her. 

Here is a compilation of CMBA-er’s advice for sexual intimacy, quality time, and gift giving during Christmas season from past and present posts:

Be present intimately. 

Provide presence when you exchange presents.

Don’t just stop on Christmas Day! Gaye from Calm, Healthy, Sexy offers 15 Fun, Healthy, and Sexy Things to Do Between Christmas and New Year’s Day and J from Hot, Holy, and Humorous suggests giving him The Gift of Happiness all year long.

Share With Us: How do you make quality time, romance, and sex a priority during the holidays? 


  1. Thanks for the mentions and the links! I found a few intriguing posts here I hadn’t seen before. Great stuff!

  2. Lori Byerly

    What a lovely post and great collection of links.

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