The Peaceful Wife, Day 18

Day 18

I’m really bad at making my bed in the mornings. Because I work so early, I’m often awake and out of the house before my husband, and I often have to come back to pick him up and take him to work also. So the bed doesn’t get made very often. I try to make it on the weekends, but after a week of not making it in the mornings, I often just don’t.

I feel more productive. I feel less stressed when I come back into the bedroom later. The bed is more inviting. I just all around feel better when I make my bed.

The Proverbs-31 woman probably had days where she didn’t feel like making her bed. Verse 22 says she makes covering for her bed. Other versions say tapestries for her furniture. Commentators don’t have a lot to say on these five little words. Does this mean we have to cover our furniture and  our beds always have to be made to be good wives? No.

The Bible does talk about taking care of our bodies and keeping ourselves clean. God created a neat, ordered world. The Bible also talks about laziness being sinful. I believe this all adds up to taking care of our home, and keeping things neat and tidy. Does this mean we can’t ever have clutter in our homes? No. I think clutter is inevitable in life. However, I do think we need to try our best to God, and our best includes our homes.

I also thinks this means she enjoys finer things in life. She enjoys quality. She strives for quality in her work. She works toward creating a peaceful haven for her husband and family. When you are growing in the Lord, bearing the fruit of the Spirit, it will be your natural inclination to make every area of your life peaceful. Is it always easy? No. But there are things you can do to eliminate stress in your home and make it more of a haven.

  • Declutter daily. If you pick up after yourself, you won’t leave as much work for a later time or date, making it less overwhelming.
  • Leave negativity outside the bedroom. Keep the bedroom as a sanctuary, a place of peace, comfort, and rest.
  • Beautify your home. It’s okay to want nice things. The Proverbs-31 wife had nice things. Modest decor can make your home more inviting and hospitable, and also feel more relaxing. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Try to incorporate fresh things from nature whenever you can.
  • Make love frequently. What does this have to do with keeping an orderly home? Well, when you make your physical intimacy a priority, you will feel less stressed and relaxed. Sex unifies and is a great de-stressor.
  • Sing and pray regularly throughout the day. Bless your home and all those who enter with the presence of Jesus in your words and actions. Praise God by raising your voice in songs and prayers while you work. It’ll do wonders for your attitude.
  • Open your windows and air out your home. Use your favorite scented candles regularly. Set the table with the nice dishes at least once a week.
  • Do fun things together as a family at home. I remember as a kid all my friends wanted to be over at my house because something fun was always happening. Enjoy each other’s presence at home. Make family dinners and family nights a priority.
  • Cook for your family often, and share the burden of the cleaning. This is a great bonding activity, but it’ll also save you money and help strengthen your home and make the environment less stressful.
  • Rest. Take it easy. Don’t constantly busy yourself with work that you forget to take care of your body and get much needed physical and soul-rest.
  • Bless others by opening up your home. Be hospitable. You don’t have to do anything crazy. Just invite a family over from your church for a pizza lunch, invite a co-worker over for cookies and coffee, or have your neighbors over for a potluck dinner.
  • Pray over your home regularly as a couple and as a family. Get in the habit of thanking God for your many blessings.

Isaiah 32:17 says, “The fruit of that righteousness will be peace; its effect will be quietness and confidence forever.” 

Isn’t this the kind of home we want? Why don’t we work toward a peaceful, quiet, confident, stable, comfortable home today?

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