The Trustworthy Wife, Day 4

day 4

Proverbs 31:11 says, “The heart of her husband safely trusts her…” The MSG version says he “trusts her without reserve and never has reason to regret it.” Why? Because she never gives him any reason to doubt her trustworthiness.

The ancient Hebrews viewed the heart as “the center for physical, emotional, intellectual, and moral activities” (Baker’s Evangelical Dictionary of Theology).  The Greek word for ‘heart’ is ‘kardiaappetites, affections, purposes, and endeavors” (Strong’s Greek Concordance).

When it says his heart safely trusts her, he is emotionally, mentally, morally, and physically secure in her love.

The trustworthy wife trusts God first.

Jeremiah 17:5 says, “Cursed is the one who trusts in man, who draws strength from mere flesh and whose heart turns away from the Lord.”

When you treasure, prize, and love your spouse more than you love God, you reveal your lack of trust in God. Without God’s trustworthiness as a foundation, your trustworthiness might just crumble a little here and there, and could eventually leave your marriage in ruins.

God is trustworthy. Psalm 145:13 says, “Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and your dominion endures through all generation. The Lord is trustworthy in all He promises and faithful in all He does.” Jeremiah 17:7 says, “Blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, who has full confidence in Him.”

Do you desire a lasting marriage? Do you want your legacy to be one of faithful, enduring love? Do you long to be trustworthy in all that you promise and faithful in all you do? Place your trust and confidence in the Lord and live by His example.

The trustworthy wife leaves her husband no doubt of her faithfulness and her love.

  • She leaves her husband emotionally secure by allowing him to experience her love.

1 Corinthians 13:13 says, “faith, hope, and love abide… but the greatest of these is love.” The word “abide” means “to remain, to continue, to stay, to sustain” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). A marriage is sustained by faithfulness (trustworthiness), hope (confidence), and love. Demonstrate your love to your husband daily.

  • She leaves her husband mentally secure by bestowing peace of mind. 

1 Timothy 3:11 says women of respect are, “careful in how they act…wise and faithful in all they do.” She is careful to avoid the appearance of evil (i.e. associating with marriage-uplifting company, not confiding in male company or spending much time with men other than her husband). She is chooses her words wisely, speaking positively about her husband. She doesn’t blab details about her intimate life. She doesn’t complain to others when her husband fails to satisfy her. She doesn’t embarrass him by saying something that would hurt his confidence in her. She is a woman of her word, following through on what she says she will do. She exercises self-control with her time and money, making sure he knows where she is, what she’s doing, and how she’s managing the budget.

  • She leaves her husband physically secure by honoring him with her whole body.

1 Corinthians 7:3 says, “The marriage bed must be a place of mutuality – the husband seeking to satisfy his wife, the wife seeking to satisfy her husband.” She invites him to enjoy her beauty, giving without reservations her time, energy, heart, and body.

Whoever walks in integrity walks securely…” Proverbs 10:9. The heart of her husband safely trusts her because she is a woman of integrity in all of life – her thoughts, emotions, words, and actions – and because of this – she is a secure woman.

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  1. Having a trustworthy wife is absolutely amazing. One thing I encourage young men to do before considering a girl for marriage: look at how she treats people other than *you*. Of course she’s good to *you*, but how does she treat others? Because if you get married, that’s how she’ll be treating you in a few years. And being trustworthy is one of the most important components of how she treats others. Do other people trust her with responsibility? Does she faithfully keep her word to other people? Or does she laugh with you behind their backs and come up with excuses and justifications for evading her commitments?


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