The Precious Wife, Day 3

Day 3

Do you value yourself?

On Day 1 of this journey, I talked about treasuring your relationship with Christ and your husband. On Day 2, I talked about valuing the time you spend with your spouse. Today, on Day 3, I want to talk about recognizing your value and worth.

When Adam proposed, he gave me a beautiful engagement ring, made from a mold from his mother’s own engagement ring. I love the unique design – a midnight-blue topaz flower bud with four tiny emeralds on the leaf. I treasure the ring as a precious symbol of the covenant between Adam and me.

This spring, I discovered one of the emeralds was missing. Adam reassured me, promising we’d get the emerald replaced, but I was still devastated. I couldn’t believe I had lost a precious jewel. Then this summer, my wedding band snapped in half. I remember watching it drift to the bottom of a crowded swimming pool, knowing I’d never find it. While I know that our marriage is more than just an outward symbol, the damage and loss of the rings made me sad.

You are like these rings, precious, priceless, and valuable. When you don’t take care of yourself, you  lose your sparkle, cracking and breaking under pressure. You can’t handle the weight of life’s responsibilities.

Do you view yourself as precious? The Bible teaches you to humble yourself, to put others first, and to cast selfishness aside. That is all true. However, sometimes when you are taught over and over to let go of self, you forget to take care of yourself.

Jesus took care of the life of His soul by taking care of Himself.  He spent time with His Father, rested, prayed, ate, slept, and walked, spent time with friends, and obeyed God.

Jesus says in Matthew 22:37-39 “You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. The second is equally important: Love your neighbor as yourself.”  Did you catch the order of priorities there? God, self, and then others. You are called to love God first and foremost, but then you love your neighbor (others) as you love yourself.

You can’t very well serve and love your husband (and others) if you don’t take care of your own needs and give yourself some self-love. Neglecting yourself leads to tension, stress, exhaustion, and burn-out.

I shared these words on my friend, Bonny’s blog last year:

When [a woman] struggles with [her] self-confidence, it’s super evident. [She] treats [herself] differently. [She] treats others differently. Women tend to focus on taking care of others. Sometimes we love our neighbors a lot more than we love ourselves. Sometimes we forget to love ourselves altogether. There’s nothing wrong with taking time to be womanly… if you never take a moment for yourself, you really are shooting yourself in the foot.

Proverbs 31:10 says, “An excellent wife is hard to find. For her worth is far above jewels” (ESV). Other translations use words and phrases like “precious,” “priceless,” “her value far exceeds,” “beyond compare,” “rare,” “uncommon,” “few and far between,” and “full of worth.”

The precious wife sees…

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Do you view yourself as a woman of value and purpose? Do you take time for yourself for the betterment of others? What’s one area of your self-care that needs work? 

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  1. Annie Lombard


    Thank you so much for the 30 day challenge.

    I receive the emails daily, this being the 3rd, I am however at a loss at finding the daily challenges, ie the 5min; 30 min etc. I am currently surviving on very little sleep so I might be overlooking it. Please help.

    Thank you


    • Hi Annie, The daily challenges are attached via PDF to the emails. I went back to check to see if you were added to my personal email list and found you were not. I believe you’ve been receiving the blog updates but not the personal challenge emails. I’ll add you immediately and get you up to speed. Blessings!


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