It’s Not Too Late: 30 Dates in November Challenge

BHE 30 Dates in November Challenge are you ready button

EDIT: A number of you have commented on the blog or have emailed me with specific questions, concerns, and prayer requests. I will be replying this weekend. Sorry for the delay. Thank you for your patience. 

You can still commit to doing the 30 Dates in November Challenge. The challenge officially starts this Saturday the 1st, but the post will be up on Friday, October 31st (if you’re like me and need extra time to prepare).

  • Sign-up officially here to receive the challenge emails.
  • Find a prayer partner. If you need a prayer partner, please contact me and I’ll connect you with a partner.
  • Grab a journal and a Bible and read through Proverbs 31
  • Start praying for the journey through November. If you need a pre-written prayer, try the one from this post.
  • Grab a button for your blog or social media page to help promote the challenge if you’d like

A Word of Advice 

The month of November can get very busy. I would recommend you…

  • Review your schedule for the month of November and make an action plan: will you do the 5 minute marathons, the 30 minute challenges, or the Keep Going! Challenges or a combination of any of the three?
  • Pick a time of day when you’ll read the post – (i.e. morning devotions, the night before, etc)

Also here’s some things to consider when you make your action plan:

  • 5 Minute Marathon – This challenge will be to read and meditate on the Bible verse of the day and to pray for your marriage, specifically the daily verse for your marriage. Don’t feel bad if this is all you can do in the month of November. God calls us to pray and communicate with Him daily, and this includes praying for your marriage. Perhaps this is something you haven’t been doing daily (*myself included and I’m the blogger here*) and November is a great time to challenge yourself to pray more consistently for your marriage. If this is all you can commit to, God is still going to great things for your marriage because of your prayers. Consider a few things:
    •  inviting your husband to pray with you throughout the month – make it a challenge you do together
    • inviting and encouraging other wives you know to pray for their marriages
    • picking a later date to go back and do the 30-minute challenges or even the keep going! challenges (maybe make it a next 3 months thing or decide to start off the new year in January with the challenge instead)
  • 30 Minute Challenge – This challenge will encourage you to take action in your marriage and to do a small act of service, to give a small gift, to communicate your love in some small way, to spend 30 minutes of quality time together, or to take 30 minutes to spice up your passion. Each day will have more than one option that you can choose from based on how your husband likes to feel loved. You can choose to do one or a combination or others. Ideally, this challenge will only take 30 minutes, but I understand the need for prep time. Be sure to factor this into your day. Don’t feel like you need to commit to more than 30 minutes or to limit yourself to just 30 minutes.
  • Call to Action Challenge –  This challenge will encourage you to take it a step further and think beyond something you can do in a day. These challenges will take you beyond the 30 days and get you thinking long-term. I’d encourage you to go back and do these challenges at a later date if you skip them as they will be a great way to reinforce what you’re doing and learning in the month of November. Don’t feel like you have to do these challenges every day or that you have to do every part of the recommended Call to Action Challenge. Feel free to break it up and spread it out over multiple days, weeks, or even months.

A Few More Things 

  • If you still haven’t received a welcome email from me by tomorrow [October 31st], please email me directly. I apologize. It’s possible your name/email sign-up slipped through the cracks.
  • Those of you who signed-up last year, let me know. I’ll be emailing out extra encouragement on the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, and 25th of November.
  • 155 women signed up! Praise the Lord. That’s nearly 3.5 times more than last year.


  1. Kim

    I would like to do this challenge as well

  2. Elisha Fontenot

    Sign me up!

    Have a blessed day! Elisha Fontenot


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