Apple of My Eye Date Night

apple of my eye date

October is National Apple Month! Who doesn’t like apples? Their yummy goodness… mmm… mmm… I’ve officially come up with an apple-themed date night for you.

Send your husband to work in the morning (or the night before) with a fresh apple – preferably one that’s juicy and succulent like a Golden Delicious or sweet and crisp like a Fuji or Gala. Attach a little note-card with a red or green ribbon. You can make it super easy by using a single whole punch on an index card and then thread the ribbon through the hole. Paste on or color a fun border. You can find loads of them on Microsoft Office Images or clip art. Insert a photo of your husband or be silly and draw a stick art version of him. Write these words on the card:

Mirror, mirror, on the wall

Who’s the handsomest of them all?

Why you, of CORE-se, the APPLE of my eye!

Meet me tonight at 8 for our date.

Everything will be in APPLE-pie order.

Pull out the board and card games – a few of your favorites. Pick up a jug of hot apple cider and a bag of popcorn, kettle corn, or caramel corn (or make your own). Straighten up the house and light a few apple-cinnamon scented candles. Everything in apple pie order includes you: comb your hair, touch-up your make-up, and dress nicely for your husband (perhaps in fall apple colors?). Start your apple iTunes (or other music service) playlist in the background – something light, instrumental, and romantic. I recommend Stevie Wonder’s You Are the Sunshine of My Life song.

Move to the bedroom. Lay out some comfy blankets and pillows on the floor. Light more of those apple-scented candles and lower the lights. Have some pre-sliced apples on a pretty plate and some caramel, chocolate, or candy apple dipping sauce. Take turns feeding one another the dipped slices and steal a kiss or two in between – so your breath is like the fragrance of apples. Enjoy exploring one another’s bodies. Perhaps even use an apple-scented body lotion or body rub. Remind him that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away…” so this is a great time to “examine” each other’s bodies – but I’m sure he’s a perfect apple, right? *wink, wink*

Enjoy your apple-y evening!


Share with Us: In what other ways can you incorporate apples into date night? What other foodie date nights have you tried? 



  1. birrdy

    This is such sweet idea! I will have to do this! I wonder if there are more fruit-verses in God’s Word applying to love and marriage…?

  2. Teresa R

    This sounds like a delicious idea, except I am the one who works, while my husband who is disabled stays at home. It’s hard to plan something like this when he can see/ hear what I am preparing


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