Happy National Coffee Day!


Coffee is my life blood. I couldn’t let National Coffee Day pass without writing a post.

I’m reposting these coffee date ideas from this post.

If you want to treat yourself to a solitary coffee date, I’d recommend taking a journal and your Bible with you. Take this opportunity to pray for your marriage and read through Proverbs 31 as prep for the 30 Dates in November Challenge. Visit this page for more details.

*Morning Coffee Warm-up

Treat your spouse to an early-morning date at a local coffee shop. Pick out a seasonal drink and snack (like a caramel latte and a pumpkin cream cheese bagel).  Sit near a window to enjoy the autumn scenery if possible, or near a fireplace (if the establishment has one). Scoot closer to your honey and do your devotionals and pray together while sipping your beverages. Pick a book for you & your spouse to read through together this autumn. Start during your coffee shop date with one another.

*Afternoon Coffee Shop Hop

Pick out three or four coffee shops to try out with your spouse. Call ahead to make sure they offer samples or if they have a happy hour. Sip one coffee brew at one shop, and then drive (or amble arm-in-arm if it’s within walking distance) to the next one, and so on. Check out nearby sites like browsing through a local bookstore, taking a stroll through a nearby park, meandering through the next door art gallery or museum, or furniture shopping for your dream home in a furniture store close by.

WARNING: You will be super caffeinated so stick with sample sizes or the smallest cup available. Break it up by sharing a delicious autumn treat like an apple fritter or a slice of pumpkin bread.

You can also spread this out over the day, starting with a morning cup of joe, followed by an afternoon pick-me-up, and finishing with an evening coffee night cap.

*Evening Coffee Shop Excursion

Head to your local coffee shop after dinner with your spouse. Coffee shops offer free entertainment too – like jazz nights or local bands. There’s one in my hometown that does weekly game nights on Thursdays, one in the next town over that does free jazz nights the first Wednesday of every month, and one in a local big city that show cases local bands every Tuesday and Friday evening. Call the coffee shop or check out their website to find out when they have events. Scour your local paper, on your city’s Internet webpage, or with the local tourism organization for more details. Enjoy a decaffeinated vanilla chai tea, hot apple cider, or a maple vanilla steamer, and something to satisfy your sweet tooth like a pumpkin cookie with your spouse.  If there isn’t an event going on, grab a favorite board game or deck of cards and challenge your honey to a friendly competition.
Reblogged from The Romance of Coffee Shops and 3 Coffee Date Ideas.


What’s your favorite coffee? What other coffee themed date ideas have you done? What’s your favorite part of going to a coffee shop?



  1. Hannah, great idea. For those of us who are tea drinkers, the spouses can order tea instead of coffee, or go to specialty tea shops (in larger cities).

    • Hi Larry,
      Thanks for visiting. You can definitely modify the coffee date ideas for tea drinkers. Blessings.

  2. Teresa R

    I like my coffee with just milk. My husband only drinks Pepsi or iced tea, so I’m not sure how to take these ideas and use them in our home area

    • Hi Teresa, thanks for visiting. Perhaps you could modify the idea and try different iced tea flavors at home, or substitute something else you might like – ice cream, morning pastries, different appetizers. You could also split it up and one each day of the week, or once a week for a month.

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