Labor of Love: 15 Last-Minute Romance Ideas

Labor of Love: 15 Last-Minute Romance Ideas

Labor as defined by Merriam-Webster dictionary: “expenditure of physical or mental effort especially when difficult or compulsory; human activity that provides the goods or services in an economy.”

How often do you thank your husband for working? For providing for you as a couple/family? For his contribution to society? Perhaps you’re both working like my husband and I. When’s the last time you thanked him for sharing the burden of the bills with you?

Labor Day is the perfect day to thank your husband for working hard, to remind him that he is making a difference, and to encourage him that his contribution to the workforce is important.

Men were created to work. Work is in their very nature. If my Adam doesn’t have something to do, after awhile he gets bored. When God put the first Adam in Eden, He gave him a job: to tend the garden and to name the animals. (Genesis 2:15, 19-20). Work was designed to be enjoyable.

After the entrance of sin into the world, work was cursed. Work, and subsequently life, would no longer be easy for Adam, Eve, and their descendants. (Genesis 3:17-19).

In today’s world, the workplace isn’t a friendly, relaxing environment. A man (or woman) is blessed if he (or she) has an enjoyable job, an understanding boss, friendly coworkers, decent pay, good benefits, job security, and a minimally stressful environment.

According to Forbes, “unhappy employees outnumber happy ones two to one.” In a 2013 poll from Gallup about the State of the American workplace, researchers found 70% of workers hated their job or were disengaged completely (and incentives or perks were little help if they were upset with management). With statistics like that, odds are your man could use some encouragement from his #1 cheerleader: you!

Live and Grow

Take today as an opportunity to celebrate the work your husband does (i.e. employment, volunteering, around the home, with the kiddos, etc).

If he has to work today…

  1. Make him a special breakfast in bed just the two of you before he leaves.
  2. If he’s a morning shower-er, hop in with him and give him some physical affection. Suds him up while pressing into him from behind. He’s sure to enjoy that treat! ;o)
  3. If he normally puts gas in the car, wake up a little earlier and fill up the tank for him or go warm up his car for him and attach a sticky love-on-the-go note to the steering wheel. Give him something to look forward to this evening (i.e. a night off of chores, a special dinner out, or sending the kiddos to grandma’s so you’ll have the house to yourselves).
  4. Send him a thoughtful text or email during the day as a thank-you and encouragement. Attach a smiling picture of yourself.
  5. Have dinner ready when he gets home. Set the scene with candles,  good dishes and silverware, and mood music. Make a banner (with the kids if you have them), welcoming him home and thanking him for his hard work. Bake a sheet cake and include the words “Celebrating my #1 hard worker,” or “The Smith family really loves how hard Daddy works.”

If he has the day off:

  1. If you have kids, plan some fun family activities for you to do, especially if he doesn’t get to see them our you often. Check the newspaper or online to see what local events are available in your area.
  2. If he regularly gets time with the kids, get a sitter for the little ones and plan some romantic activities for the two of you. Check out that movie you’ve been wanting to see, visit a local art gallery or museum, or go out for coffee and dessert.
  3. Plan a romantic day trip. Visit a nearby city and play tourist.
  4. Relax at home by sleeping in, making breakfast in bed, watching a Netflix movie in each other’s arms, playing board games, etc.
  5. If you really want to get adventurous, pitch a tent in the backyard and enjoy an intimate evening under the stars.

Labor of Love Ideas (regardless of your work schedule): 

  1. Wear something sexy to bed. Do what’s comfortable for you and what excites him whether that’s a lacy nightie or one of his tee shirts, whether it’s sexy lingerie in his favorite color or your birthday suit. Do something that’ll give him a thrill when he comes into the bedroom tonight.
  2. Even God rested on the seventh day of creation. Save chores, household projects, and errands for another day. You might be tempted if you’re week-time  limited, but don’t. This is your day to relax together. Do what you can to eliminate work i.e.  treat him to dinner out (I’m taking Adam to one of our favorite restaurants – perk! no dishes). 
  3. God didn’t create an all work, no play environment in Eden. Man was also created to be united to his wife. Make time today to be “naked” with each other (i.e. lie on the bed and just gaze on each other, explore each other’s bodies, shower our bathe together, watch a movie together topless and in each other’s arms).
  4. Make time to make love today and celebrate your physical union. This is the greatest gift you can give your husband- the gift of your whole self through physical intimacy.
  5. Make a basket of his favorite goodies:


    >favorite fruit (pears are a real treat for Adam and they are in season this time of year)

    >gift cards like Starbucks, itunes, Amazon, etc

    > a small bottle of his favorite cologne or deodorant (Adam likes Old Spice and I do too, so I got him OS travel kit. He smells fantastic when he steps out of the shower!)

    > Other trinkets (Adam always loses pens and he likes a specific kind. It works for a quick inexpensive gift. Be creative!)

Share With Us – How will you affirm and appreciate your husband’s work today? 



  1. Thanks for the link and including me in this list.
    There are several of us who focus directly on the husbands. The problem is that so few men read anything about relationships or personal growth. Some days it feels like I am writing Lego building guides and expecting the Legos to read them. Kinda frustrating.
    Thanks for all you do.

  2. Miss P

    Why are there websites like this where women teach women how to be good wives, but there are no websites where men teach men how to be good husbands.

    This hurts and confuses women. I have a lot of love and compassion for females.

    • Hello Miss P,
      Thank you for visiting the BHE community. I can understand your hurt and confusion. I can also understand your frustration. Sometimes I wish my husband was more of a reader and benefited more from the things that I read about marriage, but I understand that God reaches him differently than he does me.

      My primary focus is on teaching and equipping wives to be the best wives they can be. This doesn’t mean I don’t occasionally have a word for men, and I do believe men can benefit from the principles I share. However, I primarily speak to women because this is where my heart is. This is the ministry God has given me.

      That being said, I belong to a marriage bloggers group that does include male bloggers that teach/help other men. I graciously point to these sites:

      1. Be Strong Act Like Men
      pursuing an Ephesians 5 marriage

      2. Becoming a Better Man
      life lessons from a formerly abusive husband

      3. Cracking the Romance Code
      equipping husbands to better understand and communicate with their wives

      4. The Generous Husband
      exhibiting generosity in a marriage from the male perspective

      5. The Respected Husband
      thoughts on love and respect from the male perspective

      6. Sensuous Happy Husband
      fully exploring passion within the confines of monogamous marriage from the male perspective

      And there are others you can view here:

      I hope this encourages you that there are men out there writing for men about marriage, love, and sex from a godly perspective.

      Have a blessed day!


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