Swing Into Childhood Date

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on April 12, 2012.

Today is dubbed as Remember Childhood Day. Think about some of the things you enjoyed as a kid. Make a list with your husband and then do some of the things on that list today.

Pull out the old photo albums and leaf through the photos of the two of you when you were kids (if you have access to them).

Pull out the paints and splash some color on a page. Pick up coloring books at your local dollar store, set the timer, and have a coloring war. Don’t worry about staying inside the lines!

Draw with sidewalk chalk in your driveway.

Play a lively game of tag in the yard or hide-and-seek around your house.

Read a children’s book together before bed with a cup of hot tea.

Go swinging at the park. Chase each other down the sides. Challenge each other the monkey bars.

Eat a fudgesicle or some other childhood treat.

Shoot each other with silly string or spray each other with squirt guns.

*Photo Credit: Alicia*

The point is to allow yourselves to be free and embrace your inner child!




  1. The idea sounds great! I think it’s worth a try!

    • Thanks John. I hope you were able to use this date idea to bless your wife and have fun together. Blessings.

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