20 Ideas to Beat Rainy Day Blues on Date Night


beat the rainy day blues date ideas from Becoming His Eve

April showers bring May flowers… or so the saying goes. Beat the rainy day blues with some awesome date night ideas.

  1. Go bowling. Grab a slice and a brew and send the ball down the lane a few times.
  2. Visit a local art gallery or museum. Stroll arm-in-arm indoors out of the weather and enjoy a little culture.
  3. Clean out the attic or your basement together. Doing a meaningful project as a couple can build your relationship, improve your communication skills, and make you feel good when it’s done. Choreplay can make excellent foreplay.
  4. Cook comfort foods.  Mmm… grilled cheese, tomato soup, chocolate chip cookies, or whatever else you two think are comfort foods.
  5. Good ole-fashioned movie night. Pick a favorite flick, curl up with popcorn, and enjoy snuggling in each other’s arms.
  6. Dance the night away… in the rain together or on your porch or in your living room. The latest thing to do is to find video lessons on YouTube. Find a music genre that fits your fancy, search for a video, and learn something new together.
  7. Story time. Curl up on the couch and read together… not necessarily from the same book. Just enjoy being near your spouse and the comfort of their presence even if you’re silent. OR Pick 5 different random objects from your house, stick them in a paper bag, and ask your spouse to pull out each object and tell a story using these objects. (My family did this as kids or during the holidays for fun).
  8. Play time. Pull out a puzzle, play a board game, try a game of Hangman or charades, or if you’re ambitious, pull out Twister for your living room floor. You can also add a strip element if you like.
  9. Hands on. No, not what you’re thinking… although… ;o) see #11 Pick a fun science project and do it together. Scholastic.com offers 40 great ideas to get you started.
  10. Challenge of the arcade. Nothing like a little car racing that defies physics or a fast-paced game of air hockey.
  11. Experiment. Try a new sexual position or a new way at foreplay. My latest favorite? Progressive foreplay.
  12. Bubbles! Draw a bubble bath for a relaxing time. Add candles, your favorite munchies, and some ‘hands-on’ fun to make it more intimate.
  13. Check out the local scene. Find a poetry reading at a local bookstore, a concert at a nearby bar, or a comedy show in a basement theater.
  14. Walk in the rain. Or run if you’re more ambitious… and then come back for a steamy shower together.
  15. Dress up without the price tag. Head to the local mall and find crazy and whacky or sophisticated and glamorous (out of your price range, right?) clothes for each other to try on. Take pictures.
  16. Dress up at home. Order take-out and then set the ambiance at home. Pizza? Red-and-white checkered tablecloth, Pillsbury breadsticks, and and some Andrea Bocelli. Chinese? Paper lanterns, jasmine tea, and the Kung Fu Panda soundtrack. Tacos? Sombreros, pinatas, and mariachi music. Burgers? Ketchup, mustard, and a little 1950s jukebox.
  17. Local rec center. Our rec center offers full access for $4 for residents and $6 for non-residents, giving us access to the lap pool, lazy river, slides, kiddy pool, hot tub, steam room, basketball court, weight room, and even a climbing wall.
  18. Progressive dinner. Start at one restaurant for drinks and appetizers. Head to another for soup and salad. Eat the main course at yet another restaurant. Finish the evening at your local coffee shop, ice cream parlor, or even at home for dessert. My suggestion? Eat small portions.
  19. Couples night. Invite some friends over for dinner and a movie or a card game. Hospitality tips? Set the table before the guests arrive even if you aren’t ready with dinner. Set out an appetizer (chips & salsa, breadsticks, veggie platter, crackers and cheese). Offer a beverage (with ice water always on hand). If you’re not ready with dinner, it’s okay to invite your guests into the kitchen to help (or this is when Adam gets to entertain). Create (ahead of time) a playlist of relaxing instrumental music for background ambiance.
  20. Artistically inclined. Pull out the paintbrushes, cover the table or floor with newspaper, and paint. You can grab inexpensive canvases on sale at Michael’s or another craft store, or grab a painting kit. You can also pull out crayons and pick up coloring books from your local dollar store.

Date Night Ideas from Becoming His Eve Photo Credit: satit_srihin from FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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