20 Ways to Make Your Valentines Weekend Hot, Hot, HOT!

20 ways to make your Valentines day hot hot hot from Becoming His Eve

V-Day is here! Don’t worry if you’ve forgotten or you don’t have money this year. You can still make the day hot, hot, HOT for your Valentine at little to no cost. Why limit Valentine love to one day a year? Make the entire weekend RED HOT FUN!

Without further adieu…

1. Make him breakfast in bed, and serve it Adam-and-Eve style. Take turns reading from the book of Song of Solomon.

2. Pull him in for a whirlwind passionate kiss right before he leaves for work. Reach up and gently pull his neck toward you. Lightly trace his neck and earlobes. Run your hands through his hair. Push your body suggestively into his. Trace your fingers down the small of his back. Give his butt a light squeeze. When you’re done, gaze into his eyes suggestively, and whisper that “there’s more of that where it came from tonight.” You can walk away with a little sashay of your hips or  slow hair flip too if you like.

3. Cook a meal using what you already have at home. We almost always have pasta noodles and sauce in our pantry. Spaghetti and meatballs is a quick and easy meal that can easily be made romantic. Set the table with your nice dishes and silverware and use cloth napkins. Light candles and dim the lights. Sit on your husband’s lap and hand feed him appetizers, dessert, or bread.

4. Dress up for your spouse. Get out the best of the best for your husband. If you still fit in your wedding gown, try that… or just wear formal or semi-formal attire. Use your smart phone or camera to take fun, romantic, and sexy pictures of yourselves all over your house. Watch the video from your wedding day. Dance to “your” song in the living room.

5. Dress down for your spouse. Curl up braless in your pajamas or a sexy nightgown. Make hot cocoa with marshmallows and pop some popcorn to enjoy together. Cuddle intimately while watching one of your favorite movies together.

6. Greet your husband at the door when he comes home from work in nothing but one of his tee shirts, or a tie of his, or some sexy lingerie.

7. Buy flowers from your local grocery store. Our local store often has bouquets on sale in the back, so ask if your grocer floral department has anything like this. Use the flower petals to make a trail to the bedroom. Leave a note on your door or near it that reads, “I’m waiting for you in the bedroom!”

8.  Try a “kisses” treasure hunt. Pick up a small bag of Hershey’s kisses. Write 14 different places on 14 individual sticky notes in your house that you want to steal a kiss. Attach a chocolate kiss for each location. Then give your spouse the first note/kiss and have him go hunting for all his kisses. Use your imagination. Here are some ideas:

  • Washer/dryer
  • Front porch
  • Back porch
  • Stairwell
  • Hallway
  • On the bed
  • Under the bed
  • On the couch
  • In front of the fireplace
  • In the attic
  • In the basement
  • Shower/bathtub
  • Coat closet
  • In the kitchen

9. Try progressive foreplay. Start by making out in the car, move to the couch for more passionate petting, move to the bedroom for the ultimate act, and then try cuddling on the office floor when you’re done.

10. Slow dance in your living room to a playlist of your favorite songs. Try a sensuous salsa song or a smooth romantic jazz piece.  Try foreplay through your clothes and experience the power of touch.

11. Give each other sensual massages. You can draw it out by offering a strip tease or a lap dance first. For more tips, read this article of mine.

12. Draw a romantic bubble bath for you and your spouse.

13. Play sensual charades or add a “strip” element to Twister, Risk, Monopoly, Battleship, chess, checkers, or any board game really.

14. Bake cupcakes or another dessert together and hand feed each other in the nude while “licking” any stray crumbs off.

15. Write your lover a suggestive, sensuous, and/or sweet love letter, or several love letters to hide all over the house. Click here for some ideas.

16. Didn’t get a chance to write cards yet? Grab craft supplies and make Valentines together. How do you spice this up? Well, get creative. Glitter anyone? ;o)

17. Try this sensuous Wee Bit of Lovin’ bathtub game from my Party Like a Viking date night idea. If you haven’t read it yet… is this enough to pique your interest with prompts like “You give me cabin fever” (2 minutes of a hot, heavy makeout session), “All hands on deck” (massage your partner’s breasts/chest),and “Abandon ship” (take off all your clothes)?

18. Take a hot shower together. Let the room steam up. Explore each other’s bodies amidst the steam and soap.

19. Shoot your husband a text or email during the day letting him know how “hot” you thought sex was last time and allude to the kind of “sexy” activities you have planned for him in the evening.

20. Skip the underwear if you’re going out to dinner and then lean over and tell him seductively that you’re going au natural during your meal.

Date Night Ideas from Becoming His Eve Photo Credit: satit_srihin from FreeDigitalPhotos.netSee also Spicing Up the Bedroom and Date Night Ideas on BHE. See also my Date Your Spouse, Sex & Intimacy, Be Mine Valentine, and Romantic Food boards on Pinterest.

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  1. Julie

    You are so full of great easy ideas, Hannah! Thanks for all the tips, I enjoy following you and what you offer us to help keep the romance alive! :)

  2. Great no cost or minimal cost romance ideas, Hannah! And you are so right, it doesn’t just have to be about one day, make the weekend count.m thx for the shout out, too. :). Blessings, my sweet friend!


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