Are You Ready for Some Football?

Are you ready for some football from Becoming His Eve

Are you ready for some football?

Maybe you are. Maybe you’re not. Perhaps you’re an enthusiastic super-fan and will be decked out in your team’s favorite colors. Perhaps you’re just a watch-with-friends kind of fan. Maybe you don’t like it at all and you’re dreading the day. Regardless, I have some tips to share with you to make the Superbowl romantic, fun, and maybe even sexy.

In our household, I’m the one who loves football, and my husband feels indifferent about it. I knew he really liked me when he started showing up at my football games in college (I was in marching band). I knew he loved me when he’d watch my beloved Steelers games with me. Well, the Steelers aren’t in the Superbowl, and neither at the 49ers, but my home state Denver Broncos are so I’ll be partying this Sunday.

Julia Spira, online dating expert,wrote in an article for, that Valentines Day is for women like Superbowl Sunday is for men as on both days people invest emotional energy into their respective days. If you’re the one who doesn’t like football, and your spouse loves it, Superbowl Sunday is a great day to be supportive of your spouse. If you’re the one who loves football and your spouse doesn’t, remember to show your non-football-loving spouse some love.

How to Show Your Football-Loving Spouse Love, when You Don’t Love Football

  • Don’t try to talk about anything serious during the game. Wait until after as he/she won’t be able to listen well to you.
  • Make a point to try and understand the game. Ask questions if you need to during commercials or half-time.
  • If you’re alone, watch the game together in the nude.
  • Be a gracious host if your spouse wants a party. Make sure everyone has enough drinks, knows where the bathroom is, and have plenty of snacks on hand.
  • Sincerely cheer for your spouse’s team.
  • If his/her team wins, celebrate in a way of their choosing. If his/her team loses, give them a stress-relieving massage, a bubble bath, or a sensuous evening.
  • Be positive. Don’t complain. The game won’t last forever, and you’ll get your spouse back.
  • Surprise your lover with a completed chore after the game (i.e. folding laundry for her, shoveling the steps for him, etc).

How to Show Your Non-Football Loving Spouse Love 

  • Spend time together before and after the game.
    • Make God and loving your spouse your number one priority today. Remember this is a Sunday. Even if you want to stay home to be prepping for your awesome party in the afternoon or watching the news leading up to the game, make an effort to go to church with your spouse. Hold his/her hand while you sing praise songs. Guys, put your arm around her shoulders. Gals, put your hand on his leg. Hold hands while praying. If you can’t make it to church, read a Bible passage together. Last year, the Baltimore Ravens’ middle linebacker, Ray Lewis, garnered attention with “Psalm 91” written on his shirt in gold lettering. I recommend reading Psalm 91.
    • Spoil your spouse with breakfast in bed. Consider serving up a Denver Omelette with Seattle’s best coffee or Starbucks.
    • Did you know Chipotle, Noodles & Company, Quiznos, and Village Inn originated in Denver? If you have one near you, consider heading here for lunch. Or if you’re rooting for Seattle, don’t forget to pick up some Starbucks (which I have to admit, I love!) Mike’s Hard Lemonade and Jones Soda also originated in Seattle. Salmon is known as Seattle’s signature fish. What else do you know of? 
  • Incorporate physical touch (i.e. hugs, kisses, hand-holding, or if you’re alone, get more “frisky.”)
  • Plan to make another day really special for your spouse. Valentine’s Day is in 12 days so you could make plans to do something your spouse loves on this day, or pick another day to celebrate.
  • Give your spouse attention during commercials.
  • Use code phrases to relay private messages to one another (i.e. ‘throw a spiral’ could mean ‘meet me in the kitchen for a whirlwind kiss.’)

Romantic Football Ideas

  • Make or pick up your spouse’s favorite snacks. Adam loves peanut butter, so I’m going to make these delicious peanut butter cereal football treats and maybe this pizza popcorn recipe.
  • Purchase your lover’s favorite sports team jersey, hat, and/or anything else with his/her NFL team on it.
  • (Ladies only!) Wear nothing but his favorite football jersey to bed. (Guys you could do this too or wear boxer shorts with her favorite NFL team logo on them).
  • Guess plays correctly and get to keep your clothes on. If you guess incorrectly, an article of clothing comes off.
  • If you won’t be watching the game together, make plans to meet for breakfast the following morning or dinner later in the evening. I love this idea from
  • Toss around a football in the yard before, during halftime, or after. Playfully tackle one another.
  • Share football memories during half-time – either from games you’ve been to or games you’ve played in.
  • What do you really know about the pigskin? Try your hand at NFL Football Trivia and reward the winner with a romantic or sensuous prize. Are you a rookie, veteran, or hall of famer?
  • Kiss during commercial breaks or better yet offer a kiss every time your team or your sweetie’s team scores. (Or if you’re alone, and I mean, completely alone, no one else around or walking in on you: stand in front of the TV during a commercial and flash him or her!)
  • Instead of watching the half time show, head to the bedroom and play between the sheets, if you catch my drift.

Share With Us! Who will you be rooting for this Sunday? (No judging here!) In what other ways can you show love to your spouse during the Superbowl? How do you plan to celebrate this football mega-holiday? 

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