Don’t Read This Post! (Opposite/Backwards Date Night)

Yes, you read it right. Don’t read this post?!? Just kidding! I mean the exact opposite of that.

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Have you ever wanted to do your day in reverse? Have you ever wanted to get dressed… and then take your shower? Have you ever wanted to shake up your boring routines with some backwards pizzazz? 

Now’s your chance. January 25th is Backwards Day, and January 31st is Opposites Day! These aren’t officially recognized holidays, but that doesn’t mean I can’t bring you a fresh new date idea. While I wouldn’t recommend getting dressed, and then taking your shower (unless you’re putting on a swim suit), I do wholeheartedly recommend you loosen your grip on normality for a night and embrace the silliness of these holidays.

Invite your spouse to join you on an extremely silly, but fun date night. Start the night before by giving him a card where everything is printed backwards. You can do this by physically printing the words backwards, or the whole invite backwards.

For example, here’s what the normal invite would look like… but normal is so overrated… 

Hi Adam (insert your spouse’s name),

Please join me tomorrow night for a celebration you won’t want to miss. We’re going to do our date night backwards. Meet me at 7:30PM in the back yard.

Love, Hannah (insert your name).

P.S. Wear your shirt backwards.

Here’s what a backwards invite might look like:

i.e.  iH madA, esaelp nioj em worromot thgin rof a noitarbelec uoy t’now tnaw ot ssim. Er’ew gniog ot od ruo etad thgin backwards. Teem em ta MP 03:7 ni eht kcab dray. evol Hannah (my name’s a palindrome) S.P. raew ruoy trihs backwards.

i.e. Backwards shirt your wear. P.S. Hannah, love. Yard back the in PM 7:30 at me meet. Backwards night date our do to going we’re. miss to want won’t you celebration a for night tomorrow me join please. Adam hi.

I recommend leaving the word “backwards” spelled in order to give him a clue, and also adding the P.S. and signing your name first and ending with the “hello” greeting. 

Let the Games Begin…

  • When you wake up in the morning, say good night to your spouse.
  • Wear your clothes backwards or inside out.
  • Drive or walk a completely different route than normal to your date, or just throughout the day.
  • Use a spoon instead of a fork and a fork instead of a knife and a knife instead of a spoon (Although if you’re eating soup, that may not last very long).
  • Don’t forget to say “good morning” when you’re headed to bed.
  • Ladies, do the guy’s job and open up his car door and pull out his chair to help him sit down.
  • Guys, (your lady will love you for this!) do a chore she normally does (i.e. washing dishes, folding laundry, etc).

Backwards/Opposite Cuisine Suggestions:

  • Start the day with dinner and dessert, and end the day with breakfast.
  • Eat food from the opposite side of the world, opposite hemisphere, or opposite coast. For example, if you live in the Northern Hemisphere, try South American, African, or Australian cuisine. If you live in North America, try a Japanese, Chinese, or Russian beverage. If you live on the West Coast of the U.S.A., try East Coast clam chowder or New York style pizza, and Georgia peach pie. If you live on the East Coast, try hot artichoke dip – a native Californian appetizer, eat Alaskan crab or salmon for your main entree, and enjoy San Franciscan Ghiradelli chocolate for dessert.
  • Try an inverted progressive dinner. Start at one restaurant for dessert, then go to another restaurant for the main course, and stop at another place for appetizers and drinks.
  • Eat a pineapple upside down cake.
  • Leave a “pillow mint” for your spouse at the foot of the bed. *This might also be a great way to leave the invitation for your spouse. 

Spice up Sex

Start the evening with sex instead of ending it with sex, and then try foreplay.

Activity Suggestions: 

  • Since Christmas and New Year’s Eve, end the year, celebrate something you normally would for these holidays (i.e. do a count-up to midnight, toast, and drink out of each other’s glasses or decorate a small tree in your yard or home from the bottom up if you normally do from the top down)
  • It’s wintertime so do something you normally would during the summer like putting on sunscreen before going out at night and wearing sunglasses to your date. Or include a summer seasonal fruit or veggie in your dinner plans. Drag out the kids sandbox and make a sandcastle at home. Go swimming indoors at the local YMCA or rec center (unless you like the idea of a polar bear swim).
  • Play a board game like Life from Finish to Start or start in jail in Monopoly. Play from your opponent’s side of the board in chess or checkers. Start with the final phase in Phase 10 and work down to the first phase.

Movie Suggestions:

Knight and Day (about a rouge super-spy and an average woman who fixes cars for a living getting caught up in a race to protect a big government secret).

Conversation Starters: 

  • When eating with your spouse, talk in opposites of what you actually mean – definitely sure to induce some laughs.
  • See how many pairs/opposites you can put together (i.e. salt & pepper, green eggs & ham, black & white, light & dark, night & day) . Winner gets to differ to the “loser” for a prize.

Be creative and have fun!

Share with Us – What other things or activities could you do backwards or opposite on this date night idea? 

backwards and opposite date from becoming his eve



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