Party Like a Viking Date Night

Party Like a Viking Date Night Thursday was Appreciate a Dragon Day. Since I’m always a fan of celebrating random holidays, I decided it was time to include a dragon/Viking themed date night on BHE. Whether you’re a fan of the winged-fire-breathing creatures of the sky or you just want to get in touch with your inner Viking, this date idea can be super fun with a willing attitude and a lot of creativity.

A Wee Background 

The Vikings were seafaring Northern Germanic people who lived between the late 8th to mid-11th century. These legendary warriors fiercely controlled the seas, raiding and pillaging any lands they settled in Europe, Asia, and North Atlantic. They are commonly known for their wooden longships which made it easy to navigate shallow rivers or the rough seas. The word Viking is actually derived from a feminine noun meaning “to go on an expedition.”

Set the Scene 

  • Wooden furniture
  • Faux/real fur
  • Fireplace/fire pit
  • Unadorned candles
  • Old wooden dishes
  • Coffee-stained tablecloth
  • Old nautical decor
  • Viking/Nordic decor

If you’re really in the mood, budget-allowing, purchase a sexy Viking costume, and/or get Viking helmets for you two to wear. You could also just wear black/brown real/fake leather and/or fur-lined clothing and boots. Don’t forget the hair braids, Viking lass! ;o)

The Feast 

According to, the Viking diet is especially healthy for guys as it helps boost energy and performance and increases longevity.

Don’t forget the traditional Nordic toast – “skål” which is a toast of friendship, fortune, and goodwill. Read more at


  • There are many dragon movies, but I would recommend How to Train Your Dragon as it involves both dragons and Vikings, and it’s good, clean fun. Munch on some “dragon’s treasure” while watching (i.e. gold coin chocolates, lifesavers, or Swedish fish).
  • For the husband whose love language is gift giving, incorporate a *treasure hunt into your evening. Fill up a shoe-box with some of your husband’s favorite “treasures” [i.e. favorite candies or treats, little niceties like his favorite cologne in travel size or scented car air freshener, chap-stick (for the blustery winter winds), or a gift certificate/card to a favorite restaurant/store]. You might want to use Viking words like these in your clues.
  • Create your own drinking game. Viking women were often present for and participated in drinking games. If you don’t want to do alcohol, try sparkling cider or “root beer.” Use Viking trivia. [I found this article here from the History Channel to be most interesting]. Guess correctly and be spared. Guess incorrectly and take a swig.

A Wee Bit of Lovin’  I originally suggested this idea in this post.

Fill up your bathtub or inflate a kiddy pool. Pick up some plastic fish at a dollar store or toy section of another local store. You’ll also need index cards. Using a permanent marker, number each of the fish and each corresponding index card, and then write a sexual favor on each card. Here are some suggestions:

  • You give me cabin fever [2 minute hot & heavy makeout session].
  • Pull out your compass [Direct me to a body part you’d like touched/massaged].
  • All hands on deck [Massage your partner’s chest/breasts].
  • Thrown in the brig [Tease your partner with a strip show or lap dance, but specify they can’t touch you].
  • Walk the plank [Your partner picks a favor of their choice].
  • Abandon ship or Overboard  [Take off all your clothes].
  • Dump the cargo. [Forfeit favor this turn].
  • Above board [Kiss any body part “above the water line” a.k.a. anything that isn’t covered by clothing].
  • Ahoy mateys! [Catch your partner’s attention by giving them a compliment].
  • Life-jacket [Embrace from behind].
  • Anchors aweigh! [Lift your partner up on your lap].
  • Run ashore [Pin your partner against the wall/bed for a minute for a quick kiss].
  • Beam ends [Place your hands on the sides of the “ship” a.k.a. your partners waistline and/or hips].
  • Capsized [Turn over on your stomach and let your partner give you a back massage].
  • Cargo in the hold [Pick two favors in a row].
  • Stay on course [Steer your partner to doing a favor of your choice].
  • Crow’s nest [Kiss your partner’s crown – top of head].
  • Dead ahead [Communicate lovingly with your eyes].
  • Below deck [Anything below the waistline is fair game].
  • Visit the galley [Hand feed your partner a snack].
  • Open the gunport [hmm… does this one need explanation?]

Take turns fishing out “favors” from the water.

“Skål!” my friends! 

:o) Adam’s Eve

View other date night ideas by clicking on the image above. 

List of Resources: In addition to the ones listed above, How Vikings Killed Time, Glossary of Nautical Terms, Vikings, and How to Eat Like a Viking



  1. I wanted to let you know I referenced you in my latest blog post, “Viking Date Night”. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Thank you. I’m glad you liked it.

  2. Sis

    this is sooo creative, I love how your brain works!

    • Thanks Sis. I love sharing them!


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