Doubly Bubbly Date Night

With blustering January winds and freezing temperatures nearly all over the country, this weekend is a good time for an indoor date night. And you don’t have to go far… just to your bathroom actually.

Doubly Bubbly Date Night from Becoming His Eve Photo Credit: winnond from

For a free relaxing and romantic date night – try drawing your loved one a bubble bath. This one is great if you have kids (or live with your in-laws). Just lock the bathroom door to ensure against surprise guests.

There are 4 things that are needed for a romantic bubble bath date:

1. Appealing Ambiance 

Sigh! Fill your bath with warm water and plenty of frothy bubbles. You can make your own lovely foaming vanilla honey bath for a naturally skin moisturizing experience, plus it smells fantastic.  Don’t forget to lay out your best, softest, fluffiest towels.

Mmm! Heavenly! You can also try fragrant essential oils. In honor of winter, try adding a few drops of these essential oils:

  • Rosemary, a year-round herb, delicious in a pot roast, increases sensitivity to touch, and also boosts circulation – just what you need to get the blood pumping.
  • Bay leaf or bay laurel, another year-round herb, with a sweet, fresh, and spicy scent, also improves circulation and has a warming, calming effect on emotions and the body.
  • Orange packs a citrusy punch. The antioxidants in citrus fruits help keep your sex organs operating well, leading to enhanced arousal.
  • Cranberry, a bright red wintery fruit, packed with antioxidants and vitamin C, both essential for healthy looking skin and keeping your sex glands running and ready for action.

Light up the night! Scented candles are an absolute must. Be careful about placement though since you wouldn’t want to lean back into a candle while soaking with your sweetie and have your catch your hair on fire. If this is a problem for you, I recommend battery-operated candles, which you can even get in vanilla scent (or others) if you hunt for them. If you have a sensitive nose, try for the unscented or battery operated.  Or use those Christmas lights you’ve been meaning to put away but haven’t yet.

Ooolala! Create a romantic music playlist of your favorites – classical, smooth jazz, or classic love songs. Play the music softly in the background.

2. Appetizing Treats

Cheers! Bring out your fancy wine or champagne glasses. Enjoy champagne, wine, or sparkling cider/sparkling grape juice. Try one of these fun cocktail drink ideas such as Pomosa Cocktail or Raspberry Champagne Float. Check out these two, among others, on my Ringing in the New Year Pinterest board.

Yum! Here are some of my favorite bubble bath snack suggestions.

  • Chocolate of any kind, but I recommend chocolate covered strawberries OR Brookside Dark Chocolate Pomegranate or Blueberry snacks OR pre-sliced blood oranges and dark chocolate (I can’t eat them because of my allergy but I’ve heard they are delicious and oranges are in season now)
  • Red grapes
  • Pre-sliced apples or pears
  • Olives
  • Baby carrots
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Cucumber slices
  • Sweet red, orange, yellow, or green bell pepper slices
  • Tea sandwiches – cut the crusts off your favorite bread (nothing too crumbly or crusty though) – even peanut butter and jelly can be romantic as a tea sandwich
  • Bacon wrapped water chestnuts
  • Deviled eggs
  • Cheese plate

3. Amorous Invitation 

Yes, it may seem a little weird to do date night in the tub, but give it a shot.

  • Invite your husband to join you in the bathroom by greeting him in sensual lingerie, a silky bathrobe, one of his ties, or nothing at all.
  • Create a trail of rose petals (or some other flower petal – we used dried orchids at our wedding) to the bathroom and be waiting for him.
  • Send him a sensual, suggestive text message asking him to join you in the bathroom.

4. Active Imagination 

What to do once you’re in the bathroom – well, use your imagination. Here are a few suggestions to get the creative juices and sexual energy flowing…

  • hand feed each other
  • toast to the new year and to your love
  • share your together let’s list
  • give each other massages (wives, don’t know where to start? try the sensual massage idea from the Take it a Step Further section of this post)
  • play “name that love song,” by putting your playlist on shuffle (first one to guess correctly wins a “prize”)
  • explore each other’s bodies
  • splash each other a bit
  • make out like teenagers

All of this is excellent foreplay, by the way. Afterward, skip getting dressed and lead your lover to the bedroom. ;o)

Date Night Ideas from Becoming His Eve Photo Credit: satit_srihin from

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