Now What? Day 31 and Beyond

I completed the 30 Dates in November Challenge 2013 from Becoming His Eve


Congratulations, lady friend! You have completed the 30 Dates in November 2013 challenge. Thank you for embarking on this journey with me to intentionally love your husband and grow in your relationship with God. I am so privileged to have written for you.  This is a great accomplishment for you, dear lady friend. Blessings to you in your marriage!

Some of you wrote to me and expressed how hard it would be to complete the challenge in November. I encourage you if you’ve missed days or haven’t started at all to do so in the month of December or January and beyond. I, myself, was unable to complete every single day so I’m looking forward to intentionally loving my husband more in December. If you do decide to continue on or haven’t started yet, please let me know when you decide to do so. I’d love to partner with you in prayer and to keep you accountable. Please email me –

Now that we’re done with the month, the temptation to go back to the way things were will be HUGE! Don’t give into temptation! Stay strong and keep actively pursuing your husband and loving on him intentionally. I have a host of other posts here on the blog to inspire you. I encourage you to stay deep in God’s Word. Learn to love His laws and teachings. Keep seeking after the heart of Jesus. Don’t give up praying. Pray without ceasing, my sister in Christ, and encourage other women in the faith to do the same. Love is an action verb. Do it daily! Live it daily!

I did a mini 7-part series on protecting your marriage faithfully toward the end of the 30 Dates Challenge. Here’s a photo for you to post on your social media sites for you to feed all 11 steps of the POMEGRANATE to your marriage.

11 ways to practice fidelity and commitment in marriage from Becoming His Eve photo credit graur codrin 

I wanted to include a list of all the books/resources I quoted throughout this 2013 30 Dates in November Challenge series.


Online Resources 


Romantic Ideas 

Here’s the links to all the posts in the 30 Dates in November Challenge 2013 series in one convenient location.

Share with Us

I highly encourage you to go back and re-read Day 1‘s goals. What were you initial thoughts and emotions about the challenge? What were your goals? Did you reach your goals? What still needs work? What was the best part of the challenge? What part did you like the least? How can I improve the challenge for next year or what would you like to see next year? How will you continue to love your husband intentionally? How can I pray for you and your marriage? 

In the month of December, I’ll be taking time off of writing to focus on my husband, family, friends, and God. There will still be a few pre-written posts so please keep following the blog and social media sites. I just won’t be online quite as frequently.

Have a blessed Christmas season! Keep the sparks alive!

In Christ,

Adam’s Eve (Hannah)


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