Appreciating Your Man, Day 13

Appreciating Your Man, Day 13 of the 30 Dates in November Challenge from Becoming His Eve

In the month of September, my home state of Colorado was hit with devastating flash flooding, mud and rock slides. It was all the news would play for days on end. Praise the Lord, our home wasn’t affected, but we heard of plenty of people who lost their homes, possessions, pets, and some even lost their lives. When tragedy strikes, we’re reminded of how fragile life is, and how much we need to be grateful for the people we love.

Life is short as we talked about on Day 11. Life is too short to take your spouse for granted. We are here today and gone tomorrow. I don’t mean to scare anyone, but I do want us to focus today on appreciating your husband’s presence and blessing him today instead of putting it off for tomorrow for we don’t know what tomorrow may bring.

How can you show your man appreciation and let him know he’s special?

Here are some practical suggestions and you can remember them with the A-E-I-O-U method.

A – Accept him unconditionally. 

  • Forgive easily.
  • Work toward peace and unity.
  • Love him in spite of his imperfections.
  • Let him be a man – let him provide for you, protect you, and lead you.
  • Let him do manly things with his men friends.
  • Recognize that he thinks and processes information differently than you do.

E – Encourage him.

  • Challenge him by encouraging him to take risks.
  • Pray with and for him.
  • Remind him he isn’t alone and that you are there with him.
  • Inspire him to use his gifts to bless others.
  • Cheer him on when he’s successful.
  • Cheer him up when he doesn’t succeed.

I – Inspire him. 

  • Be supportive of his work and the things he does for your family.
  • Believe in his potential and encourage him to do his best.
  • Be positive about your life together and the future.
  • Speak highly of him to others.
  • Tell him how proud you are of him.
  • Dream with him.
  • Never give up fighting for a better marriage.

O – Open up your life to him. 

  • Share your hopes and dreams, worries and fears with him.
  • Plan for the future and set goals together.
  • Celebrate the little things day to day.
  • Unveil your beauty to him and initiate sex.
  • Invite him into activities you enjoy.
  • Share with him what’s going on in your life and your walk with God.

U – Use life-affirming words. 

  • Say please and thank you when asking for something.
  • Thank him for the little things he does for you during the day.
  • Recognize when he makes improvements and reaffirm him. (i.e. I had been upset at Adam for coming downstairs and watching a show in the morning instead of talking with me. I shared my feelings with him kindly, and he’s started inviting me to sit and talk with him when he eats or on the couch if he has extra time before work. I really appreciate this and I’m grateful he took action.) 
  • Write him little notes of encouragement.
  • Speak the truth in love.

Today’s 30 Minute Challenge (Nov 13th): Appreciating Your Man

Make a list of 15 things you appreciate about your husband. 15 may sound daunting, but you can look at these posts for inspiration: 15 Ways to Encourage Your Husband, 15 More Ways to Encourage Your Husband, and When’s the Last Time You Wrote a Love Letter? Then do one thing to show your appreciation for him.

Like I said above, I’ve really appreciated my husband taking the time to talk with me in the mornings. I’m planning to get up extra early and to do a special breakfast for us tomorrow. He also likes it when I talk on the phone with him when he’s driving home from work. Often, I use this time as a “last call” and try and cram in everything I need to get done before he gets home into this time. Tomorrow, I’m going to plan the extra time in and stay on the phone the whole time, if possible.

5 Minute Marathon

Pick one of the above categories – Accepting Him Unconditionally, Encouraging Him, Inspiring Him, Opening Up Your Life to Him, and Using Life-Affirming Words with Him – and work on it today. (i.e.You can decide to let something go instead of continuing to argue about it, send him an encouraging text message or email, let him know you’re praying for him and spend five minutes praying with him, include him in the dinner-making process or some other activity/chore, or invite him to make a couples bucket list and focus on writing down five things tonight.) Get creative!

Today’s Prayer

Lord, I praise You for Your presence, first and foremost. Thank You for never leaving nor forsaking me. I appreciate Your faithfulness. Thank You for my husband. Forgive me for the times I’ve taken him and You for granted. Forgive me for the times when I haven’t cared. Give me the eyes to see when I’m taking my husband for granted. Give me a heart of appreciation for him. Help me to see the good and to focus on the positive. Help me not to dwell on the negatives, but to love my husband unconditionally, and be forgiving. Lord, give me the words to inspire and encourage him. Give me the opportunities to invite him into my life and for us to celebrate life together. In Your Name, Amen. 

Take It a Step Further

Create a husband appreciation night. Start by making a banner or a card that says “I appreciate you, (insert his name)!” Hang it in a main room in the house or in the hallway. Include the list of things you appreciate about your husband in the card if you want. Incorporate the kids if you want. Get out the crayons and have them write notes of encouragement to their dad and tell him why they appreciate him.

Work to look your best. You can dress up or wear his favorite color or an outfit he likes on you. Touch up your makeup (if you wear it), run a comb or brush through your hair, add accessories if you want, and brush your teeth. Greet him with a kiss, a smile, and a hug.

This is a celebration so you could also get balloons and streamers or other party decorations if you want to go all out.

What about food? If you didn’t get a chance to do Day 12’s special dinner, do it tonight, or do another special dinner (although he may come to expect it now if you do it 2 days in a row, so use your discretion). Order wings and pizza (or another favorite takeout food) and have it delivered. Take the whole family out for dinner at a favorite sit-down restaurant, if you can afford it, or arrange for a babysitter and go out for dinner-for-two or if you can’t swing the whole time, dessert and/or coffee for two. Who says you can’t have date night on a Wednesday?

Arrange to rent or watch a favorite movie, or do some other fun and relaxing activity together, and don’t forget to end the evening with a little something-something extra special in the bedroom (i.e. a new piece of lingerie, a full body massage, etc).

30 Dates in November ChallengeThis post is Day 13 in of the  30 Dates in November ChallengeSee related posts – Romance Your Man His Way, Wait We’re Different?!? and my guest posts on Pearl’s OysterBed – He Makes a Difference, Take Him Seriously,  Love and Respect, Honor, and Let Him Know He’s Special.

Share With Us

What do you appreciate about your husband? How do you show him appreciation? 




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