Feed Your Man, Day 12

day 12

When Adam and I started dating, he introduced me to a wonderful food – pizza! Now wait a minute! you might be saying. You had never eaten pizza? Yes, I had eaten pizza prior to dating my husband, but pizza was a rare treat for me. I had never eaten the quantity of pizza that I eat now until Adam was in my life… or the quality.

Pizza is definitely the way to my man’s heart… er… stomach! I’m planning on ordering from our favorite pizza place. Now, my husband dislikes most vegetables almost as much as he loves pizza. I have a mental list of all the vegetables he will eat, and so I try to creatively incorporate them in his meals. He will eat salad with a minimal amount of veggies, so I’m fixing a tossed salad. I’m hoping to pick up a bottle of our favorite wine or a sparkling juice, and then either baking his favorite cookies or grabbing our favorite fruit popsicles.

Today’s 30 Minute Challenge (Nov 12th): Feed Your Man

Feed your husband his favorite treat or food. 

  • Bake his favorite cookies (or if you aren’t a baker, arrange to pick some up fresh from a local bakery). A few weeks ago I made my husband a dozen of his favorite sugar cookie and topped it with blue (his favorite color) sprinkles. He appreciated not having to share ‘his batch’ with anyone. 
  • Purchase a pint of his favorite ice cream and hide it in the freezer behind frozen veggies.
  • Learn to make a family favorite dish of his. Adam loves pot roast beef and noodles with gravy. His mom has an excellent recipe. 
  • Pick up your husband’s favorite cut of meat. My husband and I created a dish on our honeymoon called beef tips and rice. Take beef stew tips (pre-packaged or ask the butcher to cut them for you), brown them in a pan with a little olive oil, and serve the tips with honey barbecue sauce over steamed rice (and I throw in a little chopped broccoli). A super easy, super filling meal!
  • Take your husband out for his favorite dessert at a local restaurant. For a cheap date, we like to head to McDonalds for smoothies or Wendy’s for frosties after dinner. 
  • Make your husband’s favorite holiday dish. Who says you’ve got to wait until next July for berry pie, or until Easter for hot cross buns, or until Christmas for gingerbread cookies? 
  • Make him a special lunch to take to work. My husband really loves good old-fashioned peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. 
  • Surprise him at work and take him out to lunch or dinner. 
  • Create an “I fall for you” gift basket (idea from The Dating Divas) with all your husband’s favorite fall goodies. My husband loves cold apple cider and candy apples. 

Get creative if your husband is on a special dietary restriction. 

  • Maybe you can’t change the food he eats, but you can change the setting. Try tailgating or picnicking, weather permitting. Picnic indoors. If you never eat in the living room, try eating in the living room with tv trays. Set a special dinner table. Feed each other on your bedroom floor.
  • Use fun colored straws for special smoothies, protein shakes, and beverages.
  • Create this cute “love juice” or potion water bottle.
  • Tuck a love note in his lunchbox.
  • Check out this Pinterest idea for lactose intolerant.  
  • Check out this lettuce and carrot idea or fruit salad idea. 

5 Minute Marathon

Pick up his favorite childhood candy. My husband loves root beer barrelsBoston Baked Beans, and pop rocks – though personally I’m not a fan… all the better since he doesn’t have to share.

Check out these Pinterest ideas of mine (you can modify from Valentine’s Day): 

Today’s Prayer

Blessings to You, Lord God, for all Your benefits. Thank You for making so many delicious things for us to eat in this world. Thank You for satisfying us with Your provision of daily bread. Help me to bless my husband even in the little things. Amen. 

Take It a Step Further

Try out one of my fun themed dinner date ideas.

30 Dates in November Challenge

This post is Day 12 in of the  30 Dates in November Challenge. See related posts: Love in a Lunchbox, 5 More Ways to Feed Your Marriage 

Share with Us

What are some of your husband’s favorite treats and foods? How will you love on your husband through food? 



  1. Every man rejoices at being fed by his wife :) It’s the sweetest thing!

    • I love blessing my husband through food. Thanks for visiting!

    • Yep! I love feeding my honey. ;o)


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