Catch Up, Day 11

Thomas Jefferson, the 3rd president of the United States said, “Never put off tomorrow what you can do today.”

We’re all busy. It’s understandable if you haven’t been able to do as much as you want with the challenges. I sure haven’t. But don’t take your husband for granted. Life is too short as James 4:14 tells us. Day 13 will be more about how to show your husband appreciation and how not to take him for granted.

Until then… stop putting things off!

Today is a built-in catch-up day for you. Use it how you wish and what works best for your marriage.

Today’s 30 Minute Challenge (Nov 11th) Catch Up

Here are some suggestions:

  • If you’ve just discovered the 30 Dates in November Challenge, welcome! You can go back and start from the beginning and start today or you can start today,continue through the rest of the month, and then loop back to days 1-10, or you can just wait until the month of December to start and do the challenges in order.
  • If you’re several days behind, take today to read through the challenges and pick out one small thing to do from each day.
  • If you’ve just missed a day, go back and do the day you missed.
  • If you’re caught up, but want to do more, go back and pick one of the “Take the Step Further” challenges.

5 Minute Marathon

  • Focus on re-reading one of the Bible verses. Meditate on it. Commit to memorizing it.
  • Read a couple of the prayers again. Put one or two in your own words.

Today’s Prayer

God of all Creation, thank You for being outside of time and sending Your Son down into time to die for me. Thank You for going before me. You understand all, oh God, my King. I’m so glad I don’t know everything and that You’re in control. But I do want to take Your gift of time seriously. I want to be wise with my time. Lord, help me today to stop putting off…(fill in the blank). I believe You can empower and equip me to follow through on what I say I will do. In Your Holy Name,  Amen. 

Take It a Step Further

What else do you need to catch-up on in your marriage? My husband and I are behind on our joint devotional time and we need to desperately organize our basement so these are things we could work on today.

  • Perhaps there’s a household chore the two of you need to do. Get creative. Make it fun and do it. Rake the leaves together in the front yard, and don’t forget to jump in the pile for some lip-locking love. Put on some upbeat music while organizing the basement or attic, and relive memories as you come across old things. Are you loads of laundry behind? Ask hubby to help you separate out laundry or fold laundry while watching that movie you DVR’d but have never watched. You can also always entice him with romping on the rumbling dryer… just a thought. [I’ve been too nervous to try].  Check out my chore-play post for other ideas.
  • Haven’t had a date night in a long time? (You’ve got one day to prep and it doesn’t have to be fancy). Check out my date night ideas posts or my Date Night board on Pinterest. You don’t even have to leave your home.
  • Have you been putting off talking about a tough subject? Check out my Do You Have a Conflict Prevention Policy? post for ideas.
  • Have you been meaning to pick up that one nice gift for your husband (i.e. picking up a book, new tool, movie, item for work, etc)? Do it today! Who says you have to wait until Christmas?
  • Check out that restaurant or grab takeout from that place you’ve been wanting to try.
  • Maybe you’ve been putting off that thing you’ve been wanting to try in the bedroom. ;o) It’s time to get frisky! Try a new position, a new location, a new way of doing foreplay, or a new accessory or article of clothing (perhaps a feather boa, a long string of pearls, fishnet stockings, or nothing but his tie.)

Whatever you’ve been putting off, put it off no further. Make this thing a priority to complete today or at the very least start today.  

30 Dates in November Challenge

This post is is Day 11 in of the  30 Dates in November Challenge.

Share With Us

What are your plans for the day? What have you been putting off?


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