If You’re Doing the 30 Dates in November Challenge…

30 dates in november challenge I am taking op 2

Welcome! I’m excited you’ve decided to do the challenge. God is already blessing this journey before it’s started. I just know it!

In case you’re just now joining us, click on the following links to read about what the 30 Dates in November Challenge is:

30 Dates in November Revamped: Planning to Love Your Husband Purposefully

Help! I Can’t Do a Project for 30 Days Straight! 

What About Sex?

Are You Ready for Change?

I’ve been getting lots of questions about official sign-ups. If you are doing the 30 Dates in November Challenge, please EMAIL ME (please email me directly – I’ve been having issues with the EMAIL ME link) to let me know your name and email address. You’ll get additional encouragement, prayer support, accountability, and expanded weekly checkpoints (beyond what the blog posts will have).  The EMAIL ME link takes you to another webpage, but it’s a completely safe and secure link.

Also, I’d recommend, if you haven’t already, subscribing to my blog so you’ll get all the posts delivered directly to your inbox. This option is the third feature down on the right side bar below my photo and mini bio. You just type in your email address and I’ll be notified of a new follower. Please don’t let this keep you from clicking through to the blog to interact with the community and leave comments. I always love to hear from my readers. 

Find an accountability partner – another godly married woman to pray with you during the challenge, keep you accountable, and encourage you to keep going when you feel like giving up. Remember your accountability partner doesn’t have to be doing the challenge herself, but we’d love to have her join us as well.

If you don’t have an accountability partner (someone to meet with face-to-face, call on the phone, and/or email) please let me know (by emailing me directly) via EMAIL ME. I’d be happy to partner with you during this journey. 

As always, continue to pray over your marriage, your walk with the Lord, this challenge, and the BHE community as November is right around the corner. The first official challenge will be posted on October 31st so you’ll have a day to prepare, as will all the subsequent challenges. Click to this post explains options for those who can’t begin right away or who start late (and that’s perfectly understandable).

You can also follow me on

Thanks so much for committing to purposefully love your husband, grow in your faith walk, nurture your marriage, and break through barriers that are holding you back from a truly great marriage!


:o) Hannah



  1. Deanna

    I have tried to email you but continue to get a message that says “We are experiencing some problems.”. If you have gotten the emails great, otherwise could you add me to your email list for doing the November Challenge. Thank you.


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