Affirming the Modern Superhero: Awakening the Super in Your Man Series Conclusion

Photo Credit: Bonny from Pearl's Oyster Bed - awakening the super in your man

My guest post series on Pearl’s OysterBed has come to a close. In case you missed it or haven’t had the chance to catch up on the series, I wanted to include all the links here.
You can’t make your husband ‘Superman,’ but you can awaken the ‘super’ in your man. As a wife, God has given you gifts, attributes, and abilities to help meet your husband’s biggest needs and fulfill his deepest desires.
1. He needs to know he is strong. 
  • Affirm his physical presence and strength.
  • Affirm his emotional strength.
  • Affirm his spiritual strength.

2. He needs to know he makes a difference. 

  • Inspire his confidence.
  • Encourage him to take risks.
  • Dream with him.

3. He needs to be taken seriously as a man, respected as a man, and honored as a man.

  • Let him lead you.
  • Let him provide for you.
  • Let him protect you.
  • Uplift him with your words.
  • Honor him with your actions.

4. He needs to know he is special and to use his gifts to impact the world.

  • Celebrate his presence.
  • Don’t take him for granted.
  • Share life with him.
  • Affirm his gifts with words.
  • Affirm his gifts through acts of service
  • Affirm his gifts through quality time together.
  • Affirm his gifts through physical affection.
  • Affirm his gifts through gift giving.

5. He yearns for your confident beauty and for you to unveil your beauty.

  • Confidence is sexy: Be confident in what you do.
  • Confidence is sexy: Be confident in your body.
  • Confidence is sexy: Be confident in who you are.
  • Confidence is sexy: Take care of yourself.
  • Confidence is sexy: Give yourself permission to be a woman.
  • Unveil your beauty: Allow him access by throwing off the veil.
  • Unveil your beauty: Allow him access by letting him touch you.
  • Unveil your beauty: Make sex a priority.
You can empower your husband, glorious wife! It wasn’t enough for God to place Adam in a beautiful garden by himself. Adam needed his Eve. That’s you, dear wife! Be your “Adam’s Eve!” Then you can truly awaken the ‘super’ in your man!

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