Are We Sexually Incompatible & Other Good Clicks for Your Weekend

*My apologies: The Fantasy of Romance was missing a link. I’ve now added it. good clicks for your weekendin no particular order… 

1. Desperate Marriage Myth #4: Hopeless Situation from Messy Marriage 

With a victim mentality, you begin to believe that nothing you or others do will ever improve your situation. But it’s important to recognize the rationalizations that are often behind this kind of thinking—fueling and distorting your perception of reality.

2. Can Christians Be Sexually Incompatible? from To Love, Honor, and Vacuum

[When] you take sex outside of a committed marriage relationship, as our culture has done, then the only permanent thing in your sex life is YOU. It’s not US, it’s YOU.

3. The Fantasy of Romance from The Peaceful Wife

Focusing on what I want my husband to do differently and how I want him to change can easily create great discontentment in my heart.

4. An Intimate Look at Psalm 139 from Genuine Husband

God designed marriage as a reflection of His relationship with the church. He wants married couples to know each other the same way He knows us.

5. 12 Ways to Add Some Adventure to Your Marriage from CalmHealthySexy

6. The Fun Dare: 12 Dates in 12 Days from The Happy Wives Club

7. 13 Ways to Show Your Husband You Love Him from Uplifting Love


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