7 Things I’ve Learned About Marriage, Love, & Life from My Mother-in-Law

debby and marty wedding Photo Courtesy of: Debby

Today is my in-law’s 28th wedding anniversary. I’m so happy for them and thrilled that they have set a wonderful example for their sons and for me. I’m honored to be an addition to the Williams family.

debby and hannah Photo Credit: Alicia

marty and hannah

My mother-in-law, Debby, has taught me much in the short amount of time we’ve known each other. I wanted to share 7 of the top lessons I’ve learned in honor of their anniversary on September the 7th.

1 – Be Faithful

I admire my in-laws for staying true to one another throughout the years through the ups and downs, no matter what life has thrown their way.

2 -Make God a Priority

Debby doesn’t flaunt her relationship with God, but I know how important He is to her. I deeply admire her for taking time for personal devotions. I often catch a glimpse of her sitting on the porch or in her room with a cup of coffee reading her Bible first thing in the morning. She inspires me to get up early and spend time with God (since I’m not a morning person).

debby alicia and hannah

3 -Life is Precious

Debby lost her older sister many years ago. Because of this, I can see how much she values life and tries to make the most of her time. I appreciate her always telling me to enjoy the time I have with my sisters (and family). You can see that family is a priority to her, even people who aren’t her blood relations (like myself and my sister, Alicia). I am so appreciative to her for that – and the number of times she’s opened her home for Alicia to visit.

4 – Make Sex a Priority

Enough said! Thanks for all the wonderful and helpful conversations!

5 – Take Care of Your Home

Debby has shown me how to make many of my own cleaning products, including laundry soap, and has taught me how to budget better, save money with shopping, and even cook better. She is a woman who knows how to shop sales! I appreciate all the wisdom she has passed onto me about handling chores and running a household.

6 – Kiss

Brandon, my brother-in-law, calls Adam and I, “being the parents,” when we smooch a lot. It’s a compliment.

debby laughing

7 – Laugh lots

We definitely like to enjoy life together in our household. My in-laws have definitely taught me to the importance of having fun together, road trips, doing activities together, and laughing lots.

debby and hannah rings Photo Credit: Sherrie ShipDebby, thank you for teaching me all these lessons, and many, many more. Thank you for the living legacy you are leaving behind. You mean so much to me! Many blessings to you and Marty! 

debby and marty Photo Credit: Sherrie Ship

Congrats Debby and Marty (Mom & Dad) on this milestone achievement! I love you both!



  1. Debby has been such a gracious hostess when I have come to visit. I appreciate that the Williams’ have made me part of the family.

    • Thanks Alicia for visiting!

  2. esther

    Thank u for the inspiration

  3. I too have a wonderful mother-in-law. They are a huge blessing! Actually, my mother-in-law is pretty much my only mother (as my family is a bit dysfunctional to say the least). Some things you listed are applicable to me. Congratulations to them on their wedding anniversary!

    Nicole @ WKH

    • Having a good relationship with your in-laws is a wonderful blessing. I hope & pray that God fills the gaps from your dysfunctional family. It’s nice to be reminded we’re all apart of the family of God!

  4. A beautiful tribute indeed.. Thank God for great inlaws.. xx

    • Thank you. Blessings to you!

  5. Bobette

    Hannah, what a wonderful tribute to Debby and Marty too! I am glad they brought you into my life, always like having a new friend.

    • Thanks, Bobette for visiting! I’m glad you’re my friend too!

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