Awakening the “Super” in Your Man & New Poll

Photo Credit: Bonny from Pearl's Oyster Bed - awakening the super in your man

I’m so excited about starting a new summer series  Awaken the “Super” in Your Man. I so privileged and honored to guest post over at my dear friend and fellow CMBA-er, Bonny’s blog – Pearl’s OysterBed.

While you can’t make your husband “Superman,” you can awaken the “super” in your man. As a wife, God has given you the gifts, attributes, and abilities to meet your husband’s biggest needs and fulfill his deepest desires. What are these?

1.  He needs to know he is strong.
2.  He needs to know he matters.
3.  He needs to be taken seriously.
4.  He needs to know he’s special.
5.  He desires to capture the heart of his beauty.

Please take the time to check out today’s post – affirming your man’s strength.

Come back to Pearl’s OysterBed on Tuesdays to check out needs #2-5 over the upcoming weeks.

Also, it’s come to my attention that I’ve started a lot of potential series’s on BHE and never completed them. I’d love for you to share your thoughts and vote in the poll below. Which of the following topics interests you? You can vote for up to 3.

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  1. userdand

    You have written an excellent start to this series. I an looking forward the the rest of it. I pulled the anonymous comment about hashtags and placed it with credit to you, Bonny and Anon with Sis at Passionate Christian Marriage. It was too good not to pass around to other wives as well as tweeting husbands.

    • Thank you for visiting & for your kind comments. Please continue to enjoy & follow the series!

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